Thursday, November 8, 2012

Very short

This whole posting something everyday has really drained my brain.  ; )  I don't have much to say, and since I took yesterday off as a rest day, I don't have any running stories to tell either.  We went grocery shopping. Yay!

"Today I am thankful for really beautiful days and the anticipation of a run. =)"

It is a beautiful day outside.  Now if only I didn't have to work until almost dark (I hate the time change), run home, and hurriedly (is that a word??) throw on running clothes and run. . . Oh and I have a stop to make before I get home.  =/

I did talk to a coworker today about doing the 10K this weekend.  No one else I've talked to has said anything.  You want to know what her words of wisdom were?  "If you go I'll feel shameful because I don't do anything."  lol!  We were walking out of her office and talking about it when another couple coworkers walked by and asked what we were talking about.  So I told them I was thinking of doing a 10K this weekend but don't know if I want to.  He didn't even let me get my (lame) excuses out before he said I should do it. . . .So I guess that means I'm going to go sign up after work today.  =)

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday.  Yay!

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