Monday, November 5, 2012

I love fall days

I'm really annoyed.  I typed up a post on Saturday and Sunday on my phone and "published" them, but yet, they didn't publish.  I don't know where they went.  They are just gone.  =(  I don't even remember what I wrote.  With the "thankfulness challenge" that I started on Facebook I thought I would also make sure and post everyday, even if they're short, to share what I was thankful for that day.  So now, 5 days into November and I've already screwed up.  But does it count if you actually wrote the post and published it, but it disappeared?  Oh well.


"Today I am thankful for fabulous visits with best friends."

I spent the day with my sister, we ate lunch, got pedicures, and then spent an hour chatting at Starbucks.  It was a really great day.  =)  I ended up not running, but I was okay with that.

Friday evening we had some friends over.  They stayed way too late and then Maddox woke up way too early.  I was really exhausted.  We have had friends over, I think, every day last week and multiple days the week before.  I told Chris that Saturday was a family day and no one was allowed to come over in the evening.  I already had plans with my sister, so she was coming. 

Well, a friend of ours is going through a break-up.  Her boyfriend ended up on my front step Saturday evening wanting to talk.  He ended up being there for 3 hours or so.  And then Damian asked if a friend of his could spend the night, and we forgot about the no people over thing and told him he could.  Ugh! 

So Sunday I posted on FB that no one was allowed to come over, and we finally got some quiet time.  =)


"Today I'm thankful for laughing babies."

It was a beautiful fall day yesterday.  No rain, and fairly warm. So Maddox and I decided to go for a walk.  We took Gizmo (our dog) and headed out.  I decided to go on a different street, one without sidewalks, but is not busy.  However, Maddox kept getting sidetracked by gravel.  He wanted to pick up lots of rocks.  And Gizmo had to go potty, so he was pulling one way and Maddox was pulling the other.  I finally gave up and went home.  We didn't even make it past 2 houses on that street.  =)  Instead we went to the backyard and I let Maddox wander around back there.  I think he had fun.  =) 

I decided to take Maddox on my run yesterday.  That was a big mistake.  I ended up pushing the jogging stroller in 30 mph gusts of wind.  Needless to say, I didn't go very far, only 2.5 miles.  And I walked a lot of it.  

Looking both ways on the trail I ran.
I thought it was really pretty.  =)
I do not understand why, when it's really windy, no matter what direction you are headed, you are going into the wind.  I am not kidding.  I went the bike path that I used to do all the time, because it's fairly flat.  So I started out going east, and the wind is in my face, I get to the end of the path and turn around, and guess what?? the wind was in my face.  I will admit, after I turned around it was blowing much harder in my face (going west).  So then, I get to my street and I turn up it (going south and uphill) and (I am not kidding!!) the wind was in my face.  How is that possible??  The only time I didn't have wind in my face was on the way down the hill (going north) to the trail.

I will post Friend Makin' Monday later today, along with my thankfulness for today.  I like to wait till the end of the day (or close to the end) so that they're not generic and can be about my day.  =)

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