Friday, November 9, 2012

Frozen morning

"Today I am thankful for getting off early on Fridays. =)"

I did it, I signed up for the 10K tomorrow.  I'm not sure how excited I am.  In fact, I don't think I am at all.  I just feel nervous.  I guess one thing that is positive about not having my sister go is that I won't feel like I have to know what is going on.  I don't have to entertain her and be nervous at the same time.  We are good friends, but she is a HUGE planner, and I am not, so I always feel like when I don't know what I am doing, she is judging me.  I doubt she is, but I feel that way.

My last rose.  I love the frozen droplet of water on it. 
You can see it better on the first picture.
Today was the second day in a row that we had frost outside.  It is really cold this morning.  But it is a beautiful day and I can't wait to go run in it.  =)  While I was registering for the Fowl Fun Run yesterday, I also picked up a reflective vest to wear running.  With how early it gets dark now, I will be running in the dark in a week or two.  Yesterday I went immediately after getting home and was able to beat the dark by 15 min or so, but that is not going to happen very much anymore. 

Because of the darkness in the evening, and the lightness in the morning I have thought about getting up and running early in the morning.  It looks so nice (and cold) outside, but that would mean I would have to get up almost an hour earlier than I currently do . . . so I don't think that is going to happen.  Plus, an hour earlier than my current wake up time (6:20am) is dark, so what's the point?  =)  (See how easy it was to talk myself out of that crazy idea.)

Damian went with me again yesterday, but Chris was home so we didn't have to push the stroller.  Damian is a sprinter, I realize that he doesn't run very far with me, he only goes half a mile and turns around to make it a full mile, so he doesn't know that you have to save your energy if your going to go for a longer run.  I kept having to yell at him (he wears his headphones too loud) to slow down a little. 

I did the same 4.5 mile run I did the other day when D went with me.  I ran it a min faster this time, but still walked up half the steep hill.  I wish there weren't so many hills in this area.  Oh well, I guess they are just making me stronger.  =/

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