Thursday, November 15, 2012


"Today I'm thankful for Nancy. She has fabulously spearheaded the arrangements for our Disneyland trip at the end of Feb.  =)"

That's right . . . we're going to Disneyland in Feb.  One of my sister's and her husband, and my parents and my (immediate) family are all going.  My sister works for a government agency as a travel agent for all the scientists.  She went to travel agency school, but she isn't really a travel agent anymore. However, she knows more about it than the average joe.  So, she has been working with a AAA travel agent and is figuring out all the logistics of our trip.  Tomorrow we are all putting the deposit down for the trip, which makes it official.  =)  I'm so excited about it.
Today was zumba.  I took Damian again.  However, it was a different instructor today, and I wasn't thrilled about him.  It didn't seem like I got as good of a workout as I do with my other instructor.  I didn't notice the sweat until I was 45 min into the class, and I didn't drink very much water.  I usually drink an entire bottle of water and start sweating about 20 min into it. 

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