Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I was so annoyed yesterday.  I wanted to go to zumba.  Chris knew I wanted to go to zumba.  Damian started basketball, he gets out of basketball at 5pm and is supposed to start gymnastics at 5pm, however, there is about 15 min of travel time between the two.  Zumba starts at 5:30pm.  I told Chris I would have to go to drop off D with him at gymnastics so he could get me to zumba on time, but then he didn't wait for me to get ready.  He didn't get home until 5:40, zumba closes the doors at 5:30 and there was no way I could have gotten there.  So instead I ate chinese food, which is yummy, but very high in calories.

I don't know if any one looks at my scale page, but I haven't updated it for awhile.  I guess I should.  I have stayed (very, very annoyingly) at the exact same weight.  160.  I did have a little gain this last Friday from all the Thanksgiving food, but I'm not worried about it.  However, I really should update the page.  I haven't "fallen off the wagon"  I am still running and doing zumba.  I think my eating has gotten worse, a little, but I am still counting calories, even when I'm over. 

Today we are going grocery shopping after I get off work.  We started this once a week shopping trip a month or so ago, and it is very nice.  We were going to the store almost every day, and now we only go once a week.  It's very nice.  I need to look at our bank statements and compare if we are actually saving money.  We spend more all at once, but I'm hoping we spend less monthly.  Anyway, shopping tonight means I don't have time to go running this evening. . . so I went during my lunch break.  4 miles in 37 min.  And it was good timing too, because I just went out and it has started raining.  It was perfect.  =)

Tomorrow we are going to Lynnwood to get our family pictures done.  I'm not too happy about having to go to Lynnwood, but oh well.  My sister has a Groupon account and she got a coupon for JCPenney portraits and gave it to us.  There is a JCPenney at the mall up here, but I didn't realize there isn't a portrait studio in that one.  The closest one is in Lynnwood, which is 45 min south of me.  Oh well, maybe we'll go see Santa and we're definitely having dinner with my sister, who lives in Lynnwood. 

This is the same Santa that all of Damian's Santa pictures are with (I'm sorry for the white baby face, I don't know the baby, I found the picture online and didn't want to use some random baby without permission).  He is at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood (we lived there for 6 years before moving to Mt. Vernon) and even after we moved I still took D down there, because I wanted all his pictures to be with the same Santa.  So now I am wondering if I should continue to take Maddox to the same Santa or go to one closer (in Mt. Vernon).  I love the idea of going to the same guy every year, and both D's and Maddox's Santa pictures would be the same, but I hate trying to find time to go to Lynnwood every year just for Santa pictures.  We didn't go last year, D is too old and didn't want to, and Maddox was only 6 months old, so it wasn't a big deal to me.  I guess I'll have to talk to Chris about it and see what he says. =)  He's not going to care, and is going to say to just go to one closer.  Maybe I'll ask my sister.  ; )

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