Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I am still undecided whether or not I want to do the 10K Fowl Fun Run in a week and a half.  I still haven't run 6 miles, but I did run 5.5 this last weekend, so I think I could do 6.  But I decided after my last (and first) 5K that I didn't like races much.  Lots of nerves and not much reward.  I didn't even get a medal.  (And I still have never seen the pictures from the race even though there was a photographer there.)  =(  But maybe this one would be different?  I don't know.  I have until next Thursday to sign up . . . This race gives out beanie hats instead of tshirts, that would be cool, even though I really like the tshirts. 

I don't really have a babysitter, although a friend told me he would watch Maddox for me.  No one would go to the race with me, Chris works, so I would have to do it all alone, and I hate doing new things alone.  However, I have tried to get out of my comfort zone more and more, and this would definitely put me out there.   . . . I just don't know . . .

What is everyone doing for Halloween tonight?  We are not going trick or treating, Maddox is too young and Damian is too old.  I have some cool decoration ideas that I'm going to be doing tonight that I found on pinterest. 

I'm combining this one with the one to the right ---->


For the last one, you put glow sticks in the toilet paper rolls and put them in bushes so it looks like eyes are glowing out at you.  I cut the holes out last night, and let me tell you, it is not easy to cut holes in toilet paper rolls.  My holes look nothing like that picture.  I wonder if they used an exacto knife or something.  I just went to the website this was pinned from and the glowstick idea must have been a different pinner, because the original site has Christmas lights in the toilet paper rolls with red cellophane covering the eye holes.  I guess I'll see what my glowstick eyes look like tonight . . .

I've already made the ghosts and hung them, I tested the glowsticks one night and it wasn't that impressive, but I'm still going to swap balloons again tonight just to make it cooler for trick or treaters. =)  We live on a busy street so we actually don't have a lot of trick or treaters, but people driving by will be able to see my decorations (I hope).

I have been thinking I'd go run today, but I'm a bit sore.  5 1/2 miles on Saturday and then 5 miles Monday, my body isn't used to running so far and then I did Zumba yesterday evening . . . I just feel like today may be a rest day.  I like not making a schedule to run, I like taking rest days when I feel I need it and not on a "set" day.  I read a lot of blogs about people having a schedule planned out, but I am just not that type of person. 

I was kinda going to use today as my extra calorie day, but I usually like to run on extra calorie day.  But I think I'll do it anyway.  I want some candy and have been really, really good so far. =)

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

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  1. I've run the Fowl Fun Run a bunch of times and I'll probably do it this year. It is very, very flat (although sometimes there is a wind). I've always hoped to win a turkey in the random drawings, but haven't yet! If you've been running 5+ mikes, you can certainly run a 10K. Good luck!