Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FMM ~ Winning the Lottery

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Winning the Lottery
What’s the first thing you would do for yourself if you won 100 million dollars?  Note: this question is specifically for you…what would you do for fun after the family and the bills and the obvious stuff was taken care of?

I would buy many, many shoes.  Boots, shoes . . .

 I would also go to Macy's (or somewhere similar) and hire a personal shopper and buy an entire new wardrobe (one with lots and lots of sweaters).

 I would get myself a big Dodge Ram. 

I would take my entire family on a cruise to a very warm beach. 

And I would do a lot (A LOT) of traveling. 

I suppose it would be easier to win the lottery if I played it often, but it’s fun to dream anyway. 

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