Monday, October 1, 2012

FMM - All about me

Haha!  I kinda like the title.  Of course my blog is all about me.  It would be super weird if I blogged about someone else.  =)

I had a very uneventful weekend.  I posted on Saturday (yay!) so I won't talk about that day.  =)  Yesterday I cleaned house.  Chris got home from work early, so we went shopping (the worst day of the week to go to Costco!) and then we went for a 2 mile wog.  I thought about going for a short run afterwards, but I have been so beat lately, that I decided to call the 2 miles good enough.  I am planning on taking today off, but if Chris wants to go run again, I suppose I will.  =) 

Maddox loves stuffed animals.  I was a stuffed animal junkie.  And there has been this gigantic bear at Costco for a couple months that he adores.  I've wanted to buy it for a long time, but have resisted the urge.  Well, yesterday it was still there (only 2 or 3 left) and I decided I wanted it for him.  However, it's really, really huge and $30, so I compromised and bought a smaller animal.  A stuffed lion.  We're going to give it to him for Christmas.  I wish I could justify the bear, but it's sooooo big and we really don't have that big of a house. The lion is still bigger than he is, but at least it's not bigger than me.  =)

I have the cutest video of Maddox dancing and playing with some tennis balls.  I can't get it on here while I'm at work, but I'll try to upload it this evening (if I remember).  It's super cute.  =)

This coming weekend is my birthday.  My parents are coming over and taking us to see the King Tut exhibit.  I'm kinda excited about that.  For my birthday, Chris bought me tickets to see Wicked in Seattle.  I'm very excited about that.  It doesn't open until Oct 10th, and that was pretty much sold out, so we're not going until Oct 24th, but that is okay.  =)  I've wanted to see Wicked for a long, long time.  I read the book about 6 years ago and really liked it.


Friend Makin' Monday

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: All the Weigh so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

 Uniquely You

1) Do you prefer to talk or text? I prefer to text.  That way I can think of what I want to say before I say it.  I've never been much of a "talk on the phone" type of person.  It probably comes from growing up in the sticks and having a party line and being long distance from all my friends.

2) How often do you make your bed? Never.  I used to make it all the time, but then I quit.  =)  lol

3) What sounds do you hear right now? A fan.  That's it.  =)

4) List three things that you always carry with you.  Phone, purse and a book.
5) What are your favorite TV shows? Oh, my word, I watch too many shows.  Revolution is a new one I really like; Survivor; Amazing Race; all the Real Housewives (yes, I know they're stupid, yes, I know my IQ goes down every time I turn one on); Law and Order SVU; Gold Rush; Bering Sea Gold; Deadliest Catch; Hoarders; New Girl; Up All Night; Once Upon a Time; Grimm . . . I think that's most of them . . . it's crazy, I know.

6) Is there a hobby that you’d like to devote more time to? If so, what is it? I really like to cross stitch.  I was doing it a lot before I had Maddox and I haven't even touched it since he was born (15 months ago)

7) What is your favorite drink? I like water.  I drink a lot of water.  I have coffee and water in the morning and in the evening I drink wine, specifically Pinot Noir (not every night, but most nights I'll have one glass).   I also like margaritas and malibu and diet Pepsi.

8) Share a couple of cool facts about your family. My maternal Grandpa worked for the post office for . . .  I don't know how long.  My paternal Grandpa was a farmer, and my Dad and my Uncle inherited the farm and farmed together for at least 40 years, probably closer to 50 (they're slowly leasing out the farm so they can retire next year or the year after). Another really cool thing (I think) is that my paternal Grandma was very focused on the German aspect of our family.  She said she was full blood German, however, I learned as an adult that my ancestors immigrated to Russia and lived in a German colony in Russia for a long time.  They kept all the German traditions and spoke exclusively German, and didn't intermix with anyone other than other Germans.  So when my ancestors immigrated to America, they were actually Russians, not Germans.  But never in a million years would my Grandma have admitted to being Russian, she was full blooded German.  =)

9) List one thing that you will do for yourself today. I will take a rest day.  My body is screaming at me for rest.  I think listening to your body is very important, and while exercise is good, so are rest days.

10) Share something that you’re thankful for today. My family.  They are the greatest people in the world.

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions!  Don’t forget to come back here and link up in the comments.  

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  1. I'm going to Wicked when it comes too! I love it so much! I went last time it was in Seattle and had to go again!