Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A long weekend

Wicked on Thursday was fantastic.  Immediately after leaving I wanted to see it again.  I was blown away by how great it was.  I may have to travel to Seattle more often for plays.  I go a couple times a year to the local community college plays, they are put on by companies in the area, not the college.  But Wicked was a whole other level.  I am still thinking about it and singing the songs from it.  It was fantastic.  =)

He is so grown up. =(
Thursday we were going to carve pumpkins, but we ended up with a bunch of people at our house.  Just some friends that stopped by, and we watched a movie.  So we pushed our pumpkin carving to Friday, and then we remembered that Damian was going with a friend to a trampoline place.  So Saturday I put my foot down and said, we are carving pumpkins. 

My pumpkin =)
Chris's pumpkin

Damian's pumpkin

After carving pumpkins we watched Paranormal Activity 3.  I like the movies, but I refuse to watch them in the theater because they scare the crap out of me.  =)  After the movie I stayed up way too late and ended up talking to an acquaintance on Facebook.  He was talking about getting together, so I invited him over for dinner the next day.  I don't know what I was thinking, I barely know him, but he seemed like he was fishing, and that he may be a little lonely, so I invited him.  (I have a bleeding heart).  I told Chris the next day and he was okay with it, not thrilled, but okay.

So Sunday we had another guest over for dinner.  I had the idea to set him up with a friend of mine and invited her to dinner as well, but she wasn't feeling good so ended up not coming.  Which is probably for the best, she just broke up with her boyfriend.

Yesterday my babysitter said her son was sick so she couldn't watch Maddox, so I stayed home and read a book all day.  It was actually a very relaxing day and I kinda needed it after my weekend.  =)

I went for a 5.58 mile run on Saturday.  I was super excited that I had gone that far.  That is my farthest route yet.  I did my old trail route that is 2 miles long.  I start in the middle (that is where my street is) and go one way for a mile and turn around and go to the other end of the trail and then turn around and go back to my street, making it 4 miles.  When I was still running 3-4 miles a day sometimes I would run only half way down one side, making it 3 miles, so I know where the half mile mark is on one side.  Saturday I decided to do the whole 4 miles and then go back down to the half mile mark and back, making it 5 miles.  However, I ran to the trail from my house, which is just under a half mile and then ran part of the way back to the house, making it 5 and a half miles.  (Is that too confusing??) 

Anyway, all the out and backs can get a little boring, but it's mostly a flat run and I know exactly how far everything is, so none of the guess work of how far I've gone happens.  It's funny that I say it's mostly a flat run, there is a gradual incline for about a quarter to half mile and when I was doing it everyday I cursed the slight uphill.  I hated it.  Since I've been doing much steeper hills, it didn't bother me as much.  However, I tend to run a little fast when it's flat(ish) and there was a pretty strong wind going uphill, so I was still very winded when I got done with the uphill. 

Yesterday I "only" went 5 miles and today I plan to go to Zumba.

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