Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I think running stimulates my mind and I write better.  =)  I don't have much to write about today.  I took a rest day yesterday because I needed one.  I had one rest day last week, Monday.  The rest of the week I ran 4 days, "wogged" with Chris and did zumba one day and played tennis one day.  My body was screaming for a rest day. 

However, when I went to lunch the sun was shining, there were people out running, the air was crisp and warm.  I really wanted to go for a run.  When I got off work I seriously thought about it, but decided to rest.  I am happy I did because I was tired.  Now I can go into the rest of this week and work my tail off.  =) 

Yesterday my eating was terrible.  I decided to do my one min muffin with Nutella on top for breakfast, even though it's a higher calorie breakfast, 412 calories not counting coffee and creamer, add coffee and creamer and my breakfast was 510 calories.  (Compare that with today, oatmeal with brown sugar, syrup and almonds - 253 - with coffee and creamer only 351 calories.) Anyway, yesterday I thought, I'll eat less the rest of the day.  Instead, I went home at lunch and had two slices of pizza, and thought, I'll eat well at dinner.  Then, guess what Chris decided to cook?  He cooked his delicious breakfast burritos for dinner.  Ugh!  I thought, well, I'll only eat one . . . I ate two.  =(  So I went over my calories yesterday and didn't do any exercise at all. 

I thought I was doing so well with my calories.  I have logged all my food for a full week.  At the end of last week I was under my calories consistently.  Well, I looked at my log and I didn't actually do very well.  I was over my calories on 9/27 and 10/1.  2 times in a week.  It seems that it's always on days that Chris cooks.  Last week his meals he cooked weren't horrible, it was actually choices earlier in the day that did me in.  I ate a handful of potato chips on 9/27 that was 150 calories and a half of an Oreo cupcake with ice cream at dinner, I was 107 calories over.  Yesterday it was 2 slices of pizza, at 351 calories a slice! And then 2 breakfast burritos at 430 a burrito! ouch!! I was 512 calories over yesterday.  I would have been perfectly fine with one slice of pizza at lunch and one burrito at dinner.  Neither food is exactly healthy food, but going over that much really is unacceptable, and yet I keep doing it. 

I bought some more cottage cheese on Sunday.  I had some a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it, so I thought that with a cucumber and some almonds would make a great lunch.  However, don't buy cottage cheese at Walmart, it's terrible.  I can't eat it, and Maddox won't either.  =(  I'm going to have to throw it away.  Today maybe I'll go to the store before I get home and buy some lettuce to make a salad for lunch.  =)  I'm already hungry thinking about it.  (Well, I guess it is almost noon, but I don't go to lunch until 1pm.)

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