Monday, October 15, 2012


So much I thought of to write about the last few days.  Of course, now that I am sitting here writing, I can't remember much of it.  This is what I get for ignoring my blog for a weekend.  =( 

For my birthday I got a gift card to Coach because I wanted a wallet.  I asked for a wallet because I didn't think we could afford a purse.  Anyway, Chris got me a $100 gift card because the lady at the store said the wallets there range from $50-130.  Anyway, on Saturday I asked a friend to go with me to look at the wallets.  I had been sitting at home all day doing nothing, wearing yoga pants and an ugly tshirt.  I was going to just go like that, but my friend was coming from work and I knew she would look nice so I decided to actually get dressed and do some makeup.  I'm so glad I did.  Going into the Coach store, even if it's an outlet store, was very intimidating.  All the people in the store with their Coach purses, looking at Coach purses.  There was one guy walking around with his wife carrying 4 purses.  Right after leaving Coach we went to Goodwill to look for a sweater or two for me.  As we were driving there I realized the ironicness of the whole situation.  We went (literally) from Coach to Goodwill, it made me laugh.  =)
It's beautiful. =)

When I first started running it was technically winter.  It was the end of Feb and it was cold.  This area doesn't get extremely cold, and we only get snow once or twice a year (although, a little more the last few years).  Anyway, I complained a lot on here about the wind and how much I hated the wind.  Guess what I forgot about over the summer?  The wind and how windy the fall can be around here.  We have had a very dry, and warm fall, but Saturday the rains came back (boo!) and it became windy!  I hate the wind.  I decided to skip my run on Saturday because it was so windy.  However, I noticed in the evening that the wind had died down quite a bit.  So Sunday it was really, really windy in the morning, but I thought it'll be okay because the day before the wind died down.  Well, I think the weather was worse Sunday because it didn't die down much.  I ended up going for a run in the wind.  ugh!  I think I'm going to have to get used to this, obviously it is much more windy here than I thought.  I complained about it in the spring, and now I'm complaining about it in the fall.  =/

In other news, I think I'm going to run a half marathon.  I talked about how crazy running 13.1 miles was here, but I think I've decided to be a little crazy.  I'm not ready for full-blown crazy (a full marathon) but half crazy sounds interesting . . . Now I just need to figure out where and when . . . and actually sign up for it.  I haven't ran for 6 miles straight, I've only ever ran for 5 full miles once, and 4.91 miles (on accident) once. 

Yesterday I was trying to avoid the wind as much as possible, so I ran a new variation on an old route, but it didn't even take me to 4.5 miles.  I was hoping it would be longer.  The biggest problem with where I live is the hills.  Everywhere I go there's a hill that I will have to climb.  Either I'm going down at the beginning or going up at the beginning.  I have discovered I prefer to do my uphill first so I don't have to go uphill exhausted. 

Today I decided to ask a friend to run on his treadmill because of the heavy rain and wind.  He is an avid thrift store junkie and bought this treadmill for $30.  It works, but it is seriously horrible.  He also has an elliptical machine, so after 30 min of going no where on the treadmill, seriously only 2 miles, I decided to switch.  I think the elliptical was worse.  I remember the elliptical from the gym as being much easier than running on a treadmill, however that was not the case today.  I was completely soaked with sweat when I got done.  I might as well have run in the rain.

My job is having a decorating contest for their cubicles.  Like I've said before, my cubicle is in a storage area, but it opens up into a hallway right outside the bathrooms.  So I decided to decorate the doorway.  Every single person will (has) see it because everyone uses the bathroom.  I love it.  I think it turned out great.  I got it off of Pinterest.  =)


  1. I missed your birthday, didn't I?:( I'm sooo sorry! I hope you had a wonderful day! I, myself, am more of a Goodwill girl.LOL I go into the "richer" stores & am thinking to myself "I'm totally underdressed for this!":) I think it's awesome that you're going to do a half-marathon! On a side note: I LOVE Pinterest!!:)

  2. I am more of a Goodwill girl myself. I think the majority of my clothes are from there. Saturday I scored a great! leather jacket from Goodwill for only $15. People get rid of the nicest stuff. The stuff I get rid of it ugly and old and out of style. :-)