Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vacation count down

I had a really good run today.  I have not been feeling the exercising this week.  I haven't really felt like running, and I definitely haven't felt like doing anything else.  Today I did a little under 4 1/2 miles and it felt really, really good.

I need new shoes already.  I just got shoes at the beginning of April so I'm surprised I need them already.  The "experts" say that you should buy new shoes after 300-500 miles.  I have only ran about 200 miles in my shoes.  However, they are completely worn on the bottom and something I read said that the bottom of your shoes should look new, and I have been getting shins splints much more lately.  I don't really have the money for new shoes right now.  I guess I will have to suffer through the shin splints for a while.  I know that stretching helps them a lot, so I have to be extra good at stretching, and I need to make sure I have some ice packs in the freezer.

Just when I thought we were done running around everywhere, Damian signed up for All-Stars Baseball.  He wasn't going to do it, because we are going camping when the state tournament is, but they only had 8 players try-out, so the coach called and asked Damian to play. 

Speaking of camping, I am so excited for a vacation.  I am taking almost a week off in about 3 weeks, we are going camping on San Juan Island.  It is extremely beautiful there.  The campground is right on the water and if you get the right campsite, you can walk out of your tent and watch the whales swim by. 

We were first there 3 years ago with a friend of Chris's who scuba dives.  He rented some kayaks for us and while we were out in them once, we got caught in a superpod of whales.  A superpod is when the pods (there are currently 3 pods consisting of about 10-15 whales in each) get together all at one time to mate.  We were in small kayaks in the middle of 30 or so whales.  It was amazing, and kinda scary.
We haven't rented kayaks since that first time, but it was a blast.  We won't have the money to do it this year, but maybe next year.  It was a completely amazing experience.

I will have to map some running routes while we are camping.  I can't go a full week without running.  It will be the first vacation I've ever had where I made exercising a priority.

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