Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More about Zumba

Well, I didn't get a run in today, but I did do Zumba.  I really love Zumba, I just wish it was a smaller class.  It's so crowded at the place I go to.  A lady right behind me moved and then left because it was too crowded.  It didn't help that I was right behind several people that acted as if they were the only one's in the room.  They seriously acted as if there was no one behind them, they almost mowed me down I kept having to back up and I'm sure the person right behind me got upset because of that.

I weighed myself right after getting home after Zumba and I saw the smallest number I've seen in years.  163.2.  How awesome is that?  I hope I can keep it down for Friday's weigh in. 

Missing my run today wasn't a terrible thing.  I worked until 4 and then had Zumba at 5:30.  I take at least 30 min to run, plus my warm up and stretch afterwards, which leaves very little time inbetween.  And who like to work out back to back like that?  So I skipped the run.  I'll run tomorrow, no big deal.  :-)

This was me today, I'm tired!

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