Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday weigh-in

163.0!  For whatever reason, that number has me super excited.  Maybe because that is 10lbs lower than when I actually started weighing in every week.  Maybe because it's the lowest number I've seen in years (although I did see 162.8 after my run today).  Maybe it's because I noticed I was (unconsciously) tightening my belt to another hole (that's two holes tighter than my "normal" spot).  Maybe it was because I've been seeing a lot of 165's and 166's, no 164's at all and then I was all the way down to 163.0!  Maybe because that's 14 lbs under my highest weight after having Maddox.  (I was down to 167 a few months after he was born and then gained 10 lbs back in a couple months.)  Maybe it's because I'm 10 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight.  Whatever it may be . . . it had me feeling very good all day.

Chris and I went for a run/bike ride (he rides bike, I run) after he got off work.  I am not really crazy about doing it because I have to push the jogging stroller.  (I hate the jogging stroller.)  But I want Chris to exercise and biking is something he likes, so I guess I will sacrifice and push the stupid stroller.  I guess it makes me stronger.

Yesterday Chris and I went for a walk but before we started we went to a friend's house to wish him happy birthday.  While we were there I talked to his wife who had made homemade chicken soup.  It made me want to try it.  Tonight I made it and seriously, it is so good, every time I go in the kitchen I have a bite.  Chris was doing the same thing.  It was sooo good.  And so easy.

All it is, is boiled chicken breast, 3 carrots, 3 celery stalks, a small amount of onion, about 4 garlic cloves (minced) and egg noodles . . . well don't forget the spices.  I dumped (literally) salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning into the water . . . oh, about 14 cups water with 12 chicken bouillon cubes and 2 tsp of corn starch.  It could use less noodles and more celery, but it was good!

Tomorrow is Zumba at 9 am (I am not too sure I want to go that early!), a run, and then Damian is doing the Relay for Life fundraiser benefiting the American Cancer Society tomorrow night (all night).  I am super impressed with him, but he may have just signed up because he gets to stay up all night.  :-)


  1. That is AWESOME! Way to go Cathy. I'd be thrilled with 163 too. :)