Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Triathalon anyone?

Yesterday was Chris's birthday.  Which made for a busy day for me.  After work I had just enough time to go for a short run before taking Damian to baseball practice.  Then Chris wanted to go metal detecting so I had to watch Maddox while cooking dinner and Maddox was extremely grumpy. 

Chris and I have a great schedule worked out in regards to cooking.  Neither one of us like to cook after we get home from work. So, since Chris has Tues-Thurs off and I have Sat and Sun off, we've arranged it so that we each cook on our days off and then we have a couple "fend for yourself" nights.  Chris doesn't always cook all three days, which is okay with me, so we usually have 3 fend for yourself nights. 

We were making Damian cook once a week, but he got so busy with school and sports that we stopped that.  I'm thinking we need to start that up again.  He's doing absolutely nothing right now . . . well, except baseball all-stars practice and gymnastics 2x a week.  ;-)

Anyway, back to yesterday, even though it was Chris's day off, I had to cook because it was his birthday.  And of course he likes my more involved dishes, so I couldn't even make something quick and easy. 

I was in a kinda bad mood all day yesterday.  I don't understand how a grown man that is turning 35 has the attitude of  "it's my birthday so I don't have any responsibilities for a day."  Just because you have a birthday doesn't mean that you get to completely forget your parental roles.  It seems so silly for me to complain about it today, but I was really annoyed with him yesterday.

After reading about a small triathalon at Sexy Mother Runner yesterday I have decided I completely want to do a triathalon.  It would have to be a small one and I don't have a good enough bike for doing it and it's been forever since I swam and I don't know how far I could ride a bike, so I would completely have to train for it.  But it sounds sooooo fun.  I discovered that I am not interested in running races but I think a triathalon sound really, really fun.  I had already been thinking about it before reading Sexy Mother Runner's report, but after reading it I really want to do one now.  I just need to find a small one so I don't die and I have to figure out how to get a bike good enough . . . and where I'm going to go swimming so I can train for it. 

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