Thursday, June 7, 2012

Super sore today

I did it. If you remember from this post here, I set my third goal for the Meet My Goals Challenge as decrease my alcohol intake, no more than 1 glass 3x this week.  Last night we had a friend over for his birthday.  Whenever this particular friend comes over there's always a lot of drinking, however, I drank 1 glass of Malibu and Diet Pepsi and then went to bed.  :-)  I am very proud of myself.  However, it did help that I had to work this morning and knew I couldn't go wild.  haha :-)

Today I decided to go for an "easy" 3 mile run.  I decided to go to my old trail, forgetting that it is not an easy run.  It has a steep up hill.  Plus, it's a little stormy today, no rain during my run, but the trail was wet and slippery and my old nemesis, wind.  *sigh!*

I asked Chris, before my run, if he wanted to bike while I was running and he said he was going to go metal detecting.  (Metal detecting is one of his new hobbies.)  So I went for my grueling easy run and was relaxing, eating ice cream when he came home.  Practically as soon as he gets home he asked if I wanted to go for a bike ride.  Unfortunately, we only have one working adult bike, so I have to run while he bikes.  I wasn't very interested in it but told him I would if he really wanted to.  *sigh* He wanted to.  However, he decided a walk would be okay too.  So we went for a walk, and actually it was quite a long walk, which is unusual for him.  Damian watched Maddox so we were able to have some alone time.  It was nice, but I am sore!

Yesterday Maddox was walking around (yes, he is walking!) and he found a newborn pacifier.  He has rejected pacifiers for 11 months, and then he suddenly decides sucking on one is a good idea.  :-)  Well, it made a for a cute picture. 

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