Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Easily offended?

The other day I was getting dressed and looking for a shirt to wear.  I was wandering around between the bedroom and the laundry area (which is right outside our bedroom) with just pants and my bra on and Chris said (it felt like out of the blue) that it will take me a long time to loss my belly after 12+ years of fast food and no exercise.  For some reason I just took offense to the comment.  I know he wasn't being mean, but I just felt like all the hard work I had done for the last 3 months meant nothing.  I kinda snapped at him, and he apologized and said he didn't mean it badly, but it just rubbed me the wrong way. 

The more I think about it, the more I realize what he was meaning to say.  He wasn't saying I look bad, just that it's going to take a while to get to where I want to be.  Which is interesting, because I say that all the time.  I am consistently losing weight. I may gain a little here and there, but for the most part I am averaging 0.8 lbs a week.  And that is okay with me.  If I continue at that rate, next year at this time I will be at 140 (or below, but I'm happy with 140).

I meant to put pictures up of when I was at my most recent heaviest and now, but I kept forgetting to take a picture.  (I say "most recent" because after Damian was born I weighed in at 180 which I kept on for 2 years.)  I wish I had worn a different shirt, one that wasn't so baggy around the middle in my "after" picture, but that's what I have for now.  Maybe I'll take another later.

I've been doing my Meet My Goals Challenge goals for this week.  The third goal is Sexy Mother Runner's 100 situp challenge.  100 situps is a lot.  I have split them up so I'm not doing them all at once, but they are hard.  Maybe by day 10 I'll be able to do 100 in a row, but we'll see. . . I need to work on pushups as well.  My arms are so weak, I have to do girl pushups and only about 15 at a time for those.

Does anyone else get offended when other's say something even you say the same thing?


  1. I sure do!!! More so if men say it...my husband can't say anything to me about me weight without me getting instantly upset! It doesn't help that he's a twig...130 lbs. (5"11') soaking wet and has been that way since high school! I actually posted about this very subject myself on my blog and got a couple responses from women that do the same thing...so you are definitely not alone. :)

    1. Our poor husbands! They have to listen to us talk about these issues, but when they say the same things we jump down their throats. :-) Good thing my husband loves me!