Sunday, June 24, 2012


I had the best dream last night. I dreamed I could see my *defined* abs and I could touch my fingers together in the front and the back.  Having my waist be that small would not actually be that attractive as my hands are not gigantic, but you know in old movies where the guy can wrap his fingers around the lady's waist, I always thought that was cool.  I realize that was possible because the lady was wearing a corset.  Anyway, I woke up feeling so skinny . . . until I stepped on the scale.
Gone With the Wind
Not attractive at all - source

I don't know if anyone noticed, but I kinda skipped the whole Friday weigh-in post this week.  I've been really hesitant to post my weight this week.  I'm embarrassed about it.  Unfortunately, Friday I weighed 164.0.  Sadly, that has been my lowest number all weekend.  I thought last week's number was unusually low, but 164 is even higher than the week before where I was at 163. 

I didn't fall off the wagon, as the saying goes, last week.  I ran 5 out of 7 days and I ate like I have been for weeks.  But I didn't do Zumba at all last week, and I didn't do any sit-ups, in fact, I did nothing other than run.  The only difference, well other than not doing "extra" cardio work, is that I was on my period for most of the week.  I haven't used my period as an excuse for weight gain in the past.  I haven't really noticed a gain on my period weeks.  But a gain of 2.6 lbs is kinda crazy, and really disappointing. 

I really hope that the gain is because of my period and I will go back down next week.  I will get back on track with Zumba this week and doing something other than running.  I also need to start doing sit-ups and push-ups again.

I have noticed that I've been slightly depressed this last week and I have been really unmotivated to do much of anything, even run.  I had to force myself to go running almost every day.  Yesterday and today however, I've had really good runs.  I will do better this week.  I will do Zumba on Tuesday and I will do situps and pushups.

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