Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mute button

Yesterday was crazy.  At work my "program coordinator" (which is the less formal version of supervisor, and more formal version of close coworker) came back from a week long work conference in Nashville (I was extremely disappointed that I was not allowed to go as it was directly about what I -and her- do everyday).  So we had to catch up, plus her getting caught up with last week's work.  Plus, it was a court Monday (I work in Mental Health Court where every other week we have to go to court with our clients to review their cases), so it was crazy busy at work.  Then as soon as I got home I had to get Maddox ready to go to Damian's baseball game 45 min away.  We were at the baseball game until 8:45pm.  After getting home I had to nurse Maddox and put him to bed and then I was FINALLY able to chill for a small amount of time with Chris before I went to bed.  Needless to say, I didn't get a post in last night. 

I also didn't get a run in.  But that is okay.  I learned last week that I really do need to have a rest day after my longer runs.  Although, last week I did 4.5 miles on Sunday, then 4 miles on Monday (yay for holiday weekends), then zumba on Tuesday and a run on Wednesday, which just completely wore me out.  So this week I did about 4.5 miles Sunday and rested yesterday.  Today I am hoping to go for a run before zumba and then zumba this evening.

For Father's Day I am writing Chris a letter.  I am trying very hard to make it a very positive letter and encourage him without all the negativity that I can spout on a regular basis.  I didn't realize how hard it would be to just be positive.  That says a lot about me, how I am so incredibly ungrateful and unloving towards him.  There are so many things in our life that I don't like, or want to change and many of those things I can't do on my own.  I have to have him on board with them.  And lately that is what I nag him about, to the point that I am sure he wishes I had a mute button.

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