Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy with ME

I was headed home yesterday at lunch time and I was thinking about my size and weight and all that.  I remember a time when I was young, jr. high school age I think, and I was laying on the floor in my parent's house watching tv.  I was laying on my stomach and I realized that I could feel both hip bones touching the floor at once.  In that moment I felt really skinny.  I haven't felt that since I left home for college.  Like I've said before, I've never been hugely overweight, but I have been overweight. 
circa 1989 - My longest known Misty, me, and my second
longest friend Lisa.

Anyway, I think I was shifting gears in my car and my arm brushed against my hip bone and I thought of that moment when I was little.  I thought of what I weigh right now (153.8 is another stubborn number I'm thinking).  And then I was thinking of my "goal" weight.  I guess I've always held 130 has the "perfect" number (when I was 130 in high school, I wanted to be 125, why can't we just be happy with what we are), however, I've never actually thought that I would make it back down to 130, so I've put my second goal weight as 140.  It hit me . . . in the car . . . that at 154(ish), I am 14lbs from that goal weight.  That's over halfway there.  Just 5 more lbs and I'll be in the 140's again. 

I was talking the other day with my officemate about weight loss.  She is trying to get healthier as well (she's older than me, not that it matters), but I told her that I had lost 20lbs in a year.  I feel embarrassed to say that I've only lost 20lbs.  When I tell people that, they usually say congratulations, but then they ask how long it took and I'll say a year.  That's when I get the look.  That look that says only 20lbs?! 

Why is it bad to lose only 20lbs in a year?  Because we want instant results.  We are a society that wants what it wants and wants it NOW.  The show Biggest Loser shows people losing 100lbs (and more) in a very, very short amount of time, it's a popular show, I love it.  However, I don't feel that it is realistic.  Those people leave home and all they do is workout.  Yes, they learn about nutrition and they have time away from the "ranch" to test their willpower, but it's not the same as being at home, having to work, having kids, having other obligations, and having to fit in a workout. 

My officemate and I talked about this for awhile.  I told her I was often embarrassed to say it had taken a year to lose 20lbs.  She really encouraged me.  She reminded me that losing it slowly is healthy.  I look great, I feel great.  I think I am more comfortable in my naked body than I ever have been in my entire life, even when I was a fit 130lb teenager.  If it takes me another year to lose the rest of the weight I will be happy.  Afterall, a year ago I was seeing 169 on the scale.  Who knows, maybe a year from now I'll be seeing 130.  =) 

I am proud of my 20lb weight loss in a year.  I am not going up, I am consistently, but slowly, going down.  I have had a few "off" weeks, but I go right back down.  Since coming back from Disneyland I haven't seen 158.6 (the last of several stubborn numbers) once on the scale, not even after dinner and a few glasses of wine (that number is somewhere around 156). 

When I started running a year ago a coworker joined weight watchers, and then stopped.  She just joined again a few months ago, I don't know her first starting weight but she looked heavier than she was a year ago.  I'm not judging, not at all!! but I know I am headed in the right direction, and that direction is down.  I will continue this journey and be proud of my slow progress.  =)

With all that being said . . . I weighed 153.8 again this morning.  After my run, I weighed 152.8, it's hard not to use that weight, but I know it was just from sweating and losing water. 

Even though it is Good Friday, WA doesn't recognize it as a holiday.  I don't know if that is just a WA thing, or a west thing, but I was supposed to work today.  I didn't because my babysitter was "sick" again, but I was able to sucker get my "roommate" to watch Maddox for me while I ran. 

While I was running a guy turned in front of me, he was a ways in front but I noticed that I was gaining on him a little.  He crossed the road just before a stoplight.  I came to the stoplight right after him and we waited on opposides of the road.  He left before the light turned but I was still gaining, we were both headed to a trail along the river.  I decided to speed up a little to pass him.  He saw or heard me and sped up a little but I got around him.  I could hear his footfalls right behind me so I knew he wasn't going to let me get too far ahead.  He finally sped up and took off past me.  I knew I was going a lot faster than I normally do and knew I couldn't keep that speed up for long so I was glad that he passed me.  =)  However, he got farther ahead and turned off the trail and started walking down a street.  I know running isn't about racing, but this was a race.  I feel like I beat him, even if he did pass.  Maybe he was done with his run and was headed home, but maybe he just needed to get off the trail where he would think I wouldn't see so he could walk.  =) 

I looked at my splits when I got home and realized why I was dying during that time.  I was running under an 8 min mile, in fact, at one point I was doing a 7 min mile.  That is fast. 

I caught the guy and was "racing" him in mile 2.  =)
One last thing. . . Remember that I took a TRX class yesterday morning?  I expected my arms and shoulders to be sore, and they are . . . a little.  My lower back is a little sore as well, but you want to know what is really, really sore?  My calves.  That surprises me a lot.  I would have told you yesterday that my calves are my most "in shape" muscles.  Obviously not, not if they can hurt this much.  I did a little over 4 miles yesterday after work.  That was a nice run.  =)  I ran straight from work, did a loop downtown and then up the hill to my house.  The hill sucks, but I can run up it even if I do stop at the top.

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