Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Still high!

I am still on a little bit of a high from my run on Sunday.  I still can't get over how great I felt at the end of the run.  I would totally have expected to have felt completely drained, but I didn't at all.  Yesterday's post was a little long, so I didn't add a picture of my splits on that run, but I want to today.  I'm sorry if it's getting old, but seriously, it felt great.  =) 

However, I then ran 4 miles yesterday and I could feel it.  It was a long 4 miles.  My shins were a little sore and my legs were a little tired.  It's interesting to me how one day you can feel like a million bucks and the very next day you feel tired and sore.  I get it, 8 miles is hard on a body and your body needs a rest.  I just don't want my rest day to be on Monday.  =)  After my run yesterday, I was really sore.  The sore I thought I should have had on Sunday.  My shins hurt terribly and I was stiff after sitting for just a few min.  Today I'm feeling better, but I can still feel the stiffness in my legs.

So my workout plans for this week are: today - zumba; tomorrow and Thursday - 5 miles; Friday - rest day; Saturday - long run (not sure how far yet). 

Another thing I'm thinking about trying is TRX (that link goes to a website that sells TRX stuff, it was the best thing I could find to explain it since my studio doesn't have anything on their website to explain) at my zumba studio.  My zumba studio does classes other than zumba, they do pilates, TRX, total agility and a few others.  I was looking at the TRX stuff and thought it might be good to build my upper body strength since I am planning on doing the Warrior Dash.  The classes are offered Tuesday and Thursday at 6 am and Thursday at 6:45pm.  Chris would be upset if I went to another class in the evenings, so I thought that I could get up early and go do it at 6am.  Thursday is Chris's day off anyway, so he'd be home (even if he is sleeping) for Maddox and I would get home just after 7am to get ready for work.  I think it's totally doable. 

However, I suck at getting up in the morning to work out.  I hate it.  In the past when I've started a workout program (before running) I would tell myself I HAD to do it in the morning and then I wouldn't get up.  I would set my alarm early for a week, and after zero workouts, would give up.  Running after work is so much better for me and I know that I will do it.  I'm pretty motivated to do this class at least once to see if I like it, so hopefully I'll get my butt out of bed on Thursday morning. 

I still need to run 18 miles to hit my 100 mile goal for March, so even though I'm going to do the TRX on Thursday, I still have to run 5 miles that afternoon. 

Anybody else ever tried TRX and did you like it??

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