Monday, March 18, 2013

FMM ~ personal thoughts

I caught up on all my blog reading this weekend!  I'm so happy, but the problem with following so many people is that already I have 9 new ones to read.  I guess it could be worse, if every single person I followed posted every single day, I would have to cut some people, that would just get way out of hand, very quickly. =)

I was reading the post from Saturday, and I found so many typos it's ridiculous.  If that is the first post someone were to read of mine, they would probably wonder what in the world I'm doing writing a blog.  I guess that's what I get for trying to use my Kindle for blog posting.  =)  Anyway, I'm sorry for the rough reading on Saturday. 

I came back from my parent's house yesterday and realized that I had made the goal of only running on my treadmill once this week because of shopping and Damian's wrestling match (one of those days would be a rest day), which meant that yesterday I couldn't run on the treadmill.  I only take one day a week as total rest, my second "rest" day is going to zumba. Thankfully I left my parent's early enough that I was able to go out and run before it got dark . . . well, that and the time change a week ago.  I ran 5 miles outside.  I really didn't want to do it.  I think the treadmill has made me soft, I'm thinking I should pack it up for the spring/summer/fall and get it out in the winter when it gets dark early.  Or at least not depend on it so much.  I've really gotten into the habit of just jumping on it rather than going outside.  I like the feeling I have of running the hills around my house (I hate the hills though) and the accomplishment of knowing that I just ran in the wind and rain, and up at least one steep hill. 

Well, as you know, today is Friend Makin' Monday.  =)

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Pondering Personal Thoughts
1. How old would you feel if you didn’t know how old you are? I think if feel like I'm mid-20's.  I definitely don't feel like I'm mid-30's. . .  =(

2. Are you the kind of friend you’d want to have as a friend?  I haven’t always been, but I think I am now.  

3. Look back at the last year.  When did you feel most excited about something in your life?  I was most excited when I paid our first payment for Disneyland.  It made it real.  I have a desire to travel, just have never done it, and haven't made the effort to save money for it.  That all changed last January (2012) when I decided we were going to Disneyland in 2013 no matter what. =)  Next trip is a cruise.  Chris wants to go badly, and I wouldn't mind some sun and warm beaches.  =)

4. Have you ever been with someone and not spoken a word, only to walk away thinking that was the best conversation ever?  No, but I've had minimal conversations with my dad that made me feel that way. 

5. If you won 100 million dollars Monday, would you continue doing whatever you usually do on Tuesdays?  I seriously doubt it, but I may go to work just to say goodbye.  There are people at work that count on me, so I would have a hard time just dropping it without notice.  But you can bet I would be shopping and spending money like crazy . . . well, at least at first.  =)

6. What would you do differently if you knew no one would judge you?  I don't know. 

7. Share something you do differently than most people. Again, I don't know.  I know that I hold my pens/pencils and silverware "differently," but I don't think it's especially odd or different.  I know that my sister holds them the same way I do.  When we were learning to write our teachers told us we were holding them "wrong" but again, I don't think it's that different. 
How I hold a pen.
How "they" wanted me to hold it.
 8. What’s one thing that you really want to do that you’ve never done?  Jump out of a plane.  =)  I think it would be super awesome.  =)   

9. If you had to move out of state right now, where would you move?  California, maybe.  I'm on a warm weather kick right now.  I have thought a lot about moving back to eastern WA, but that's still WA.

10.  What is the one thing that you’d like to change most about the world?  I would take away all abuse, especially towards kids.  If you want to screw up your life, go ahead, it's your life, however, don't screw up an innocent kids life!

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions!  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments!  Have a happy Monday, friends!


  1. Came by from FMM. I think your plan of getting off the treadmill to pound the pavement is a great idea. I live somewhere pretty mild in the winters so I don't rely on the treadmill too much, but if I do for some reason for a couple weeks, I definitely find it harder to get back to "real" running, which I think is better for me and more interesting.

  2. Ha ha! I hold my pen EXACTLY the same way!

  3. Stopping by for FMM. Your the third person whose answers I've read that said skydiving to #8. You crazy people!

    I answered Kenlie's questions too: