Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do you plan?

I'm struggling with something to write about today.  I've noticed that when I don't run for a few days (can you believe it's been 2??) I have problems thinking of topics to write about here.  I don't always talk about running, but I think running helps my brain.  Maybe it's all that time in my head while I'm running that gives me something to write about.  =)  Whatever it is, I am feeling a block today.

MaryFran over at Believing in myself! talked about planning out her exercise for the week today.  She showed her weekly menu plan and then decided to also write out her exercise plan for this week.  I admire people that are able to stick to their schedule like that.  I have never been that type of person.  Although, in my defense, it's harder in my house because I only cook 2 days a week, Chris cooks 2, Damian cooks one, and then we have a couple leftover nights.  Chris refuses to plan what he's going to cook.  So I fall into the trap of the dinner he made last night . . .

One giant sized can of chili, plus a "normal" sized one
one full block of cheddar cheese
corn tortillas fried in oil
plus salsa and olives and extra cheese and tortilla chips and lettuce

That is the ingredients for what dinner was last night, Chris's "mock enchiladas."  Extremely good, very bad for you.  I entered the ingredients in myfitnesspal (follow me, I'm cathyjanew) and the recipe came out to be 756 calories.  And I can't even guarantee that is accurate because I guessed on the portion size.  That is a lot of freaking calories to blow on one meal, and none of them healthy calories.  I then went home today and had some of the leftovers for lunch.  I wish I had eaten something different. Tonight I'm making a salad (it's leftover night).  I have all the ingredients, even mushrooms, so I'm definitely doing that. 

I was looking forward to running tonight and then remembered that it has to be a treadmill run because of Damian's wrestling match.  Remember just a few days ago when I said I was relying too much on the treadmill and needed to get out more?  Well, I think I've broken the love affair of the treadmill because I'm dreading it tonight.  However, I'm going to take advantage of it and go at least 6 easy miles.  I'm hoping it will go easily because I've been running so many hills outside (I literally can't get away from them). 

Yesterday I did zumba.  It was "family night."  I don't like family night.  It's not that I don't like the kids (I do, they're very, very cute and I'll probably take Maddox once he's old enough) it's just that I don't like the songs on family night.  She aims it more at what the kids' favorite songs are, and I don't feel like I get as good of a workout.  But it was much less crowded then my normal class.  Which is kinda funny because family night used to be a lot more crowded.  My zumba studio certainly has grown since she opened not too long ago.

I still haven't figured out my long run for this week.  I'd like to do it Saturday, but I think that day is too full.  So I'm think it might be tomorrow, but I hate doing my long run after work on Fridays.  Honestly, I don't really like running on Friday at all.  I don't know why.  I think it's because I get off early from work, but my babysitter leaves, and D has gymnastics and Chris is at work, so I just always have to figure out when I can run.  I'm afraid it'll be after dark and then it'll be on the treadmill and it feels like a waste if the day was nice and missed the nice weather.  I guess I should make Friday my rest day.  That would actually be nicer for me.  However, this week I've already used all my rest days.  (See, this is where having a plan would be helpful.)

I've got no pictures today so I'll leave you with some motivation.  =)

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  1. Plans are all good and nice...but it's only SUnday and my plan has already been shot to heck and back. :-) Maybe tomorrow will go as planned (but if we get the snow they are saying we are going to get, I won't be running on the road tomorrow morning....oops another plan shot out of the water!) :-)

    SOooo...when did you end up doing your long run????