Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I don't even know where to begin with recounting my Disneyland trip.  It was only 4 days (well, 5 if you count Sunday travel day), but there was so much.   =) 

We got there Wednesday right around noon.  Maddox did okay, not good, not terrible, on the plane.  He cried some and wanted down, but I didn't think it was horrible, much better than I thought.  Chris thought he did terrible, but I know how much Maddox hates to be held for long periods of time, so considering the very small amount of space we had, he did pretty well.  It definitely was nice to have all three seats in a row as part of the group (Chris, Damian and myself).  Maddox went back and forth a lot.  He really liked sitting next to the window, which was where D was sitting.  I downloaded a couple Sesame Street episodes on my Kindle Fire, but he wasn't extremely interested in those.  At home he'll sit and watch half an episode, but between the headphones and the fact that it was on the Kindle, I think it was just too distracting for him.

D at the airport
When we got to the hotel our room wasn't ready so we went to eat.  When we were done, our room was ready, but it was so nice out I just wanted to go swimming for a little while and Chris wanted a short nap (we were up at 4am).  After relaxing for an hour or so, we decided to head to the Park.

A lot of photos were taken on Chris's camera (well, phone) so I don't have any right now of the actual going into the park.  We spent 4 hours Wednesday at the park and I think we rode 2 rides.  We ate dinner there with my parents.  For the 4 of us, with no sodas, we spent $36 dollars on hamburgers and fries.  That was the only time we paid for a meal inside the Park. 

Wednesday we went to California Adventure Park, which is right across the way from the Disneyland Park.  We tried to get there early, but my parents were slow at getting up and getting ready.  I was aiming to be in the Park by 9:30, which is when the shops opened and we'd be in line for the rides to open at 10, but with my parents wanting to eat and everything, we didn't get there till after 10.  We wandered around for a good 3 hours and again, only rode 2 rides.  We went back to the hotel to go swim and try to get Maddox to nap (no luck).  I decided that we needed a plan to tackle the Parks or we were going to spend 4 days there and have done nothing but wander around.

So, we went back with my plan and did much better.  I can't tell you the order of the rides we did.  And I stupidly threw away my maps of the Parks.  (I really regret that decision.)  We did really well that afternoon.  We rode almost all the rides in "a bug's life," which were all aimed at the smaller kids.

Thursday night we stayed and watched the "World of Color" display.  It was pretty awesome.  (These are not my pictures.)

They projected parts of the Disney movies on mists of water.
That is actual fire, we could feel the heat from quite a
distance away.
Friday morning the Parks open earlier and I told Chris we were going to McD's (yuck) grabbing breakfast and leaving.  No waiting around, no dilly-dallying.  =)  We left the hotel at 7:15 and were in the Disneyland side when the rides opened at 9am.  We rushed around and got fastpasses for all the rides on one side of the park.  We did those rides, plus some extras and then went to the opposite side of the Park.  We got quite a bit done Friday and I felt good about not having wasted a lot of time wandering around. 

Maddox loves stuffed animals, so he was in heaven with all the characters there.  We also saw one of the chipmunks and someone else (I can't remember) on the first day, but those pictures are on Chris's phone.  =(  He would run up to the character and give crazy long hugs to them.  We pretty much had to pull him away from all of the characters. 

 We didn't see Tigger in the Park, but we bought this adorable hat for him.  You can't see it in the picture, but it has a tail on it too.  =) 

 This was a ferris wheel type ride, but the "cars" swing on a track.  Maddox loved this ride too.  It was really short though, which was kinda sad. 
 And of course, Cinderella castle.  I love Cinderella, I think I've watched every cheesy remake they've ever done.  Everafter being one of the favorites, but also the one with Hilary Duff and the more recent one with Selena Gomez.  =)  I just wish I could have had a picture without all the people in the background. 

waiting for the fireworks show
Friday we spent at least 12 hours at the park.  We left to eat lunch, but came right back.  Saturday we spent doing all the rides we missed, so we went back into California Adventure for a while and then back to Disneyland.  I think we were there 14 hours or so on Saturday, again, going back to the hotel for lunch and then going back.
Maddox was exhausted.  Friday night he just laid down and fell asleep, which is not like him at all.  Friday morning he was so tired he looked tired before we even had been at the Park an hour.  I think that was his (and mine) most exhausting day.  Saturday morning we both woke up feeling better, and I had lots of energy compared to Friday.

I'm surprised I don't have blisters on my feet still. 

I didn't eat very good, but I didn't go crazy with a lot of junk food and I logged everything (I have 117 days of log-ins on myfitnesspal).  The first two days I was able to get a swim in, but then the rest of the week we spent every waking hour at the Parks. 

The plane ride home was much better than going down there.  Maddox was calmer and sat on my lap happily for about an hour.  Then he went to my parent's laps (they were across the aisle from us).  However, the descent into Seattle was terrible.  We were out of juice for Maddox and he wouldn't take the water in his sippy cup.  By the time we remembered we had some Sprite, he was so worked up he wouldn't drink any of it.  He did finally calm down and drink, but I think the pressure was so bad for him that he just didn't know what to do.  Poor guy.  =(

I came back and I think I lost some weight.  When I weighed myself on Monday I was down to 155, however, today I'm up to 156.6 . . . . when I left I was still at 158.6 . . . so that is really good.  Now if I can keep it down and not go back up.  =)

Monday I ran 4 miles.  I was worried that I would be out of shape from not running for 5 days, and have horribly sore feet, but it was an easy 4 miles.  I definitely could have gone longer.  Yesterday I did zumba.

For the month of March my goal is to run 100 miles.  I know I can do it. 

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