Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Friday

Today is a really, really windy day.  It is supposed to be stormy here all weekend, which is very depressing for me.  I get acclimated to the warmer, sunnier weather very quickly, so when it changes back to the doom and gloom of normal western WA weather I get depressed.  I don't know if it's because I grew up in eastern WA where it's much sunnier and drier, or if I just like the sun, but I get really tired of the dreary weather here really quickly.  Every year the desire to move back to eastern WA gets stronger and stronger.  I wish I had moved east when Damian was younger because now I feel tied to this area because of his friends and multiple activities.

Anyway, I was planning on running outside today, but with gusts of wind up to 38mph I think I'm going to get on my treadmill for the first time in almost a month.  I'm not looking forward to it, but this is why I got the treadmill, so I could run in the dark wind.  =) 

My sister and her family are coming into town today.  Including her ex-husband (who I happen to like).  Her son, who is 11 now, was born with both kidneys on one side of his body.  He had lots of tests and lots of dr visits when he was a baby, but both kidneys function fine, they are just located on one side.  Anyway, he has had to have yearly exams at Children's Hospital in Seattle since he was small, and this week was his yearly exam.  My sister's ex-husband came with them because . . . well, he's the father. They spent the week with my other sister down in Lynnwood (where it's closer to Seattle) and they are coming to my house to spend the weekend.  I have a tiny house, and a houseguest, so to add 4 people is a little crazy.  Oh well, it's just for a few days.

My other sister (the one from Lynnwood that I'm close friends with) is coming up tomorrow.  We are supposed to be walking the Tulip Run.  It's a 5 mile run, which I could do easily, but my sister doesn't run and wanted to do it again with me this year, so we're walking.  We did it last year as well.  I had just started running and didn't think I could run 5 miles, so I talked my sister into coming up to walk with me.  I wanted to run it this year, but I love spending time with my sister, so walking it is fine.  =)  Anyway, because of the predicted stormy weather, we talked about skipping it and going to a movie instead.  I almost feel like that would be more fun.  =)  I guess we'll see what the weather looks like tomorrow morning. 

Today I'm getting new shoes.  I'm super happy about that.  I need them so bad.  Increasing my distance last month really tore up my shoes much faster than before.  Maybe I should get another pair in a month and then I can rotate my shoes.  Oh well. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I don't know if I will get on between now and Monday.  I don't normally.  =)


  1. Yeah, I'm not a fan of this weather, either. And trust me, if you think it was hard after 70+ degree weather, it is twice as hard after the 80+ degree weather I had in Arizona! Right now, I'm all bundled up and STILL trying to get warm!

  2. I'm hoping the rain and wind minimizes tomorrow as I am running 30K up in Birch Bay...we already had bad weather for the Birch Bay Half Marathon, but that was February--April, c'mon! Enjoy the Tulip Run. Last year I remember the weather was nice...I did the Tulip Run then the Skagit Historical Home Tour (which has been cancelled this year).

  3. Last year the Tulip Run was nice, this year . . .not so much.