Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My 9 mile run

Yesterday after work I ran 4 miles.  The miles felt very easy and I am not sore at all from my 9 mile run on Saturday.  I think taking a rest day after my long run day is a good thing.  Last week after my 8 mile run I ran 4 miles the next day and then did zumba the day after that.  I felt really drained.  This week I don't feel that way at all. 

This week is spring break for Damian.  When he was younger I would take the entire week off to spend time with him, however, when he got old enough to stay home alone I quit taking the time off.  I have missed taking the week off but don't feel it's necessary anymore.  This year I decided to take today and tomorrow off to spend time with Chris (his normal days off are Tues-Thurs) and Damian for spring break.  We were planning on doing something today, like go for a drive into the mountains or maybe go into Seattle.  However, because Chris and I had the same day off (the first time for a long time) together we decided to go out last night.  I drank . . . a lot.  Then when we got home, I was too loud and woke up Maddox.  =/ 

He didn't go back to sleep until . . . well, I don't know when.  I took him into the living room and he played while I dozed on the couch.  Finally I put Sesame Street on and he laid down with me and fell asleep.  I woke up to him on the edge of the couch so I decided to try to move back to the bedroom and he woke up again.  =/  So after an hour of fighting him in the bedroom I woke Chris and made him get up for a while. 

So instead of going out and about today, we had to walk downtown to get the car and then we all took a nap.  =)  Tomorrow we'll go on our trip. 

Yesterday I didn't talk very much about my 9 mile run because I didn't want to make my post super long.  However, there isn't a whole lot to talk about.  It was really good.  I saw on another blog (Runs for Cookies) where she posted a picture of every mile of her long run.  I thought it would be a cool post to do so I stopped at every mile and took a picture.  However, I have been thinking that maybe it's too copycat like . . . but they are good pictures, so I think I'll post them anyway.  =)

 This was at mile 1, this was a trail I used to run all the time a year ago.  I really like this trail and am happy I am able to incorporate it into my long runs.
 Mile 2, I turned right up there after the yellow sign.  =)
 Mile 3, ahead on the left  is the Christian school, and where the Fowl Fun Run started.  I really love the flowering trees. =)
  Mile 4, up ahead is a water treatment facility and it has a path that runs beside it with the Skagit river on the other side.  Before I got pregnant I used to "wog" down that trail during my lunch break.
Mile 5, this was not the picture I took when I was on my run. I know I took a picture here, I passed someone walking and then stopped and took a picture and the guy passed me, and then I had to pass him again.  However, I must have deleted it on accident at some point because I don't have that picture anymore.  The above one is facing the wrong way.

 Mile 6, this is another trail that I used to run a lot.  This is the beginning of a trail that is 2 miles long and I used to run each out and back (sorta) to make it 4 miles. 
 Mile 7, to go home I just had to turn left and it's less than half a mile.  But I decided to keep going.  Between this point and the 8 mile point I reached doneness.
 Mile 8, this is the end of the 2 mile trail . . . looking back at the trail
 Mile 9!  I walked home from here. 
 Home and exhausted.


  1. I like the look of mile 7!

  2. Lovely pictures.....looks like a really pretty route to take! :-)

    I tried the links and they didn't work. :-( If you can try again, I want to like your page!!!!