Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nature or choices?

So I have a dilemma.  I have committed to walk Bloomsday with my sister in May.  We haven't paid the registration yet, but we are definitely doing it.  I didn't realize it was so close . . . did you realize it's already April 9th??  I didn't . . . anyway, Bloomsday is May 5th, a Sunday.  Last year I ran the Have a Heart Run here.  It was a very small race and I wasn't overly impressed with it, but it is for a good cause, so I was planning on running it again this year, probably the 10k instead of the 5k . . .although it would be interesting to see the differences in my times.  However, the Have a Heart Run is May 4th, Saturday.  Do you see my dilemma?  Did I mention that Bloomsday is in Spokane, WA, which is at least a 5 hour drive to eastern WA. 

These are both races I want to do, and technically they are on different days.  My sister talked about driving to eastern WA on Saturday and coming back on Monday, so it would be doable.  But do I want to run a race before driving to Spokane?  I just don't know. 

Anyway, I have looked at the races I've been thinking about entering, so here's a list that I've been contemplating for the next month or so:
May 4 Have a Heart Run
May 5 Bloomsday
May 11 Run for your Mum 5K (another good cause)
May 18 Bay View Women's Run 10K
    -or-   Walk and Roll Run
June 15 Berry Dairy Days Half Marathon or 10K

I also have decided that I'd like to do a Color run, however, the Seattle one is already sold out, and the other one in WA state is in Spokane on Aug. 8th and I think we're planning on going camping sometime around that time.  (Well, there's one in Tacoma, but I don't want to go to Tacoma.) 
I have some observations that I'd like to talk about, but some of it is "girl" talk.  However, I feel like every man in the world has a woman somewhere in their life and should be able to handle a little "girl" talk.  But if you can't, you can skip the rest.  =)

Last week I was on my period.  (I realize, after reading multiple female blogs that most women like to say something other than "period," they use terms like "monthly ick" or something along those lines, that's fine, but I'm just going to call it like it is.)  =)  I don't really notice much of a weight gain at that time of the month for me.  And if I do notice any change, my weight actually lowers the week before I start and then it goes up to "normal" while I'm on it.  With that said, I know that water is retained and all that during this time of the month, but I guess because of my experiences I don't really subscribe to the thought that you automatically gain weight while on your period.  Although, I feel that if you do gain weight it is temporary weight and should come off when your period is over.  I know other people have different views and different experiences than me.  I guess the way I mean it and should word it, is more that this is my belief for me and others have different experiences than I do.

So last week . . . I don't know what it was.  I don't know if it was that weight gain due to my period, or if it was poor food choices or both, but I felt bloated and "fatter" and just plain gross all week.  If I am perfectly honest with myself, which I am not always, it was my food choices.  I know I ate a lot of sugar last week.  I know that I drank alcohol more than I normally do.  I also know that my weight was up almost 2 lbs, which is unusual for me on a week that I am on my period, but not unusual when I eat a lot of junk.  I like to play games with myself and tell myself that it wasn't what I was eating, but actually because of natural bodily occurrences.   However, since I track my weight so faithfully, and since I have actually seen the patterns during that time of the month, I need to quit making excuses and just tell myself that I ate like crap and gained some weight because of it. 
Also, last week I just didn't feel like working out.  I didn't feel like running and I completely skipped zumba and my TRX class.  I only ran 4 out of my normal 5 days (I usually do zumba on one of my "rest" days and I didn't), I only ran 17.4 miles last week and that is the week after a record week of 30.88 miles. (Granted that week I did 2 long runs, 8 miles at the beginning of the week and 9 miles at the end.)  It's possible that running 30.88 miles in one week just made my body crave some lower mileage, kinda like a "rest week."  But it's also (and more likely) possible that what I ate not only affected my weight, but also how I felt all week. 

So . . . this week I have been drinking water (I did last week as well) and I have been eating better.  I have been craving sugar this week, but I have been trying to avoid it.  I didn't do very well on Monday (here come the excuses) because a person in my program at work graduated and we had a potluck and there was a lot of sweets brought (pastries really are my downfall).  I feel like I'm hungrier than normal this week, which really frustrates me because I am not eating any less than I have been the last several weeks.

I feel like I learned something this week from last week.  I've been so happy and proud of my weight since coming back from Disneyland.  I loved seeing that 153.8 and was thinking of the time when I'd see 14-.  I was feeling skinny and loving the way it felt, I know I have some more weight that I can lose, but it just felt good.  I'll get there again, if not this week, then soon.  I just have to move forward.  =)


  1. It's crazy how our bodies work...and all uniquely! :-) My period (I call it the ick simply because it best describes the whole monthly experience....ICKY!) gives me a pop in my weight. And yes, if I can fight the urges to eat like a made woman it is temporary. The problem is that the water gain is usually accompanied by incredible urges to eat foods that are higher in calories. :-)

    As for the May 4th and 5th dilema. Do 'em both. They are on different days. And go big....if you want to do the 10k do it! The walk will be pretty much nothing. (Think of it as a great way to stretch your legs after your run from the day before.) As for the drive after the run on Saturday.....You know and I know that you will be done with all the race stuff by lunchtime. :-) Plenty of time to relax AND still drive to the other locale!

    1. Thanks for the advice. =) I have been thinking that I should do both, it is completely doable.

      I know that everyone is different, so I hope you noticed that by the end of my talking about the whole regular monthly experience I had changed my thinking to say that I believe this is true for me and maybe not for others. =) And I agree, it is icky . . . and I didn't mean to specifically call you out, others call it by different names and I couldn't remember what those were, or even who said "monthly ick." =)