Monday, April 29, 2013

A week of workouts

I have been horrible at posting every day of the work week.  That is my goal, but honestly, I feel like on days that I don't exercise I have nothing to talk about.  And then some days are busier than others and I don't get the opportunity. 

Anyway, I started Insanity last Thursday.  It is hard!  Very hard.  However, I am not nearly as sore as I expected.  I have been sore, but not horribly so.  Mostly my back, from my neck to my knees.  I find that very interesting.  I guess running works the front of me pretty good, but the backside of me is neglected.  =) 

I cannot do a full Insanity workout.  I have to stop and break . . . a lot.  Even the fit test, which you take the first day, was hard.  I really like that the warm up is 20 min long (and it's hard too) and it incorporates stretching after you've warmed up.  I have never warmed up so long in my life. 

Chris has been extremely sore.  He went from no exercise to Insanity. I think he's downplaying it for me because I am not that bad, but I catch him limping quite a lot when he first gets up off the couch.  =)  I think he is trying to prove that he's not that out of shape because he's pushing himself really hard at the beginning.  However, by the end he can't do much and does a lot of laying and breaking.  (However, so do I.)  =) 

MaryFran, to answer your question from last week, Chris hasn't had many "colorful" words come out of his mouth, I think yesterday I heard my first f-word from him.  I don't swear much so he tries to tone it down around me and our kids.  Yesterday when he did swear, I was in the kitchen, so I think he thought I couldn't hear him.  =) I think I complain a lot more than him, I whine a lot while I'm doing it, which is funny because he's more of a wimp when it comes to pain than I am (aren't all guys?).  =)  Like I said, I think he's downplaying his exhaustion because he doesn't want to admit how out of shape he is. 

~To clarify, we can't do it at the same time because our living room is so tiny, especially with our giant couch.  Plus, I started a day before him, so we're not on the same workout. 

Yesterday I was planning on redoing my 11 miles from last week.  However, I also was supposed to do Insanity.  I tell you, I was not looking forward to either one.  I thought about skipping my long run but I knew I couldn't let 11 miles win.  So then I thought about skipping Insanity.  I went on my run and it was better than last week, but still very hard.  I thought it was going great, I felt great and thought about going 12 miles to prove that 11 miles wasn't that hard . . . at mile 4.  By the time I got to 6 and 7 miles I was tired.  My self talk turned negative, I just wanted to be done.  I don't know why it has happened at that point in my last 2 runs when I've been fine in all runs before that.  Anyway, I took a couple energy gummies and kept going, however, at mile 8 I was still telling myself that I could stop at 9 or 10 miles.  That's still a long distance and no one will care if I stop.  I talked myself out of it and kept going.  I started saying "I can do it"  "I feel great."  I don't know if I started feeling great, but it definitely helped me to finish . . . however, I didn't go "the extra mile."

I was still thinking of skipping the Insanity workout after my run but when Chris got home he also talked about skipping it as well and I didn't want him to skip it. So I put on new workout clothes and put in Cardio Recovery.  I am so glad I did. I didn't know that the recovery was basically just stretches and yoga moves.  Afterwards I felt energized and much better.  That last until about 8pm when I crashed.  All energy drained out of me and I had to go to bed. 

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