Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boiled bras

Monday I went home for lunch and, as has become my habit, I got on facebook.  I saw the first posts from the different pages I follow about the bombs in Boston at the finish line of the Marathon.  I turned the TV to the news and there it was . . . I sat glued to my TV for my hour of lunch and then had to go back to work and "ignore" what was happening outside of my cave. 

During that hour of being glued to the news at my lunch hour I watched the scenes of the bombs going off multiple times.  The news stations tend to show the same clips and pictures over and over and over.  However, my mind went to the people running the marathon.  I wondered about those people that weren't finished yet.  I thought about how long and hard people have to train to get there and then for that dream to be blown up.  I would be angry, I was angry. 

I don't want to take anything away from the spectators tragedies, the heartbreak of the families who lost someone, or the people that were hurt.  What they went through (are going through) is horrible and senseless.  And most likely there were runners on the sidelines that were cheering on a loved one who was running.  Most likely there were runners that were hurt as well.  But I find myself continuously drawn to those people that were running the race that didn't get to finish.  That is a tragedy to me as well. 

On facebook there were lots of posts about supporting Boston by wearing a race shirt yesterday.  So I pulled out my favorite race shirt and put it on.  I even wore my hair in a ponytail like I would if I was going for a run. 

As I sometimes do, I started the above part yesterday and then didn't finish it because I became busy.  After writing the above, I was back on facebook (that seems to be a habit I have re-picked up) and was reading some posts.  This article caught my attention.  I was feeling upset about the runners that didn't get to finish the marathon on Monday after working so hard to get there, but then I read that article. 

It's about a father who pushes his disabled son in a wheelchair while he runs.  I had heard about this team before and thought about what an awesome father that is.  Anyway, at the end of the article it says "neither he nor his son are concerned about what their finish might have been; they’re more concerned with what happens now, that all the injured receive the care they need and that authorities are able to track down who was responsible. 'At that point, for me, the race was over. It was just unbelievable,' Dick Hoyt said."  I have to say, that makes me feel better, but I also kinda feel like an ass for worrying so much about the runners that didn't finish and not the people that have had horrible injuries or deaths to think about.

So my runs this week have suffered.  I ran on Monday, a "short" run, 4 miles.  (I remember longing to call 4 miles my short run, I can't believe I can now.)  Tuesdays are zumba days for me, but we needed to do some shopping so I was going to run, but I really needed a break.  My last break was last Wednesday and I had just run 10 miles and then 4.  My hip was really bothering me and I just decided not to run, knowing that I won't be able to run today either.  Damian has a baseball game (every Wed is an away game).

I forgot to post how my weigh-in went last week.  I was happy (very, very happy) to see my old friend 153.8 again on Friday morning.  =)  However, I haven't been as good this week with my eating.  I am so bad at the diet part of being healthy.  I'm better than I was a year ago but not nearly as good as I should be.  I'm not pigging out on sugar and crap, like I did a couple weeks ago, but I have been eating too much and drinking more wine than I should

I think I got a fungal infection from my long run on Sunday.  I'm not sure why it happened this time and not a couple weeks ago when I ran 9 miles.  I got home Sunday and showered right away.  I didn't wear my sweaty clothes for long, other than while I ran, but the area under my boobs has really been red and itchy.  I thought it was just a rash from my sweaty (too big) bra rubbing (I really do need smaller bras, but it hasn't been long since I bought my last bras), but it got worse and worse until yesterday I finally went to get something for it.  I had to ask the pharmacist (which is a very embarrassing thing to talk about with a strange male in a store) what would work for it.  He pointed me in the direction I needed and wow! what a difference it has made today.  I was worried about having to wear a regular bra again today, but thankfully after just yesterday evening and this mornings application of the stuff it feels a lot better. 

I also boiled my bras.  haha!!  That sounds so funny, but my washing machine is stuck on cold right now and I read that you should wash your bras on hot in order to not keep infecting yourself.  So I put my bras in a pot and boiled them with some soap last night.  My husband laughed and said that in 15 years, this is a first.  =)  I wish I had taken a picture, but I didn't think of it.

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