Friday, May 16, 2014

A project, my weight today and some selfies

On Wednesday I stayed home from work.  It was kind of a planned sick day, but then my son really did get sick.  Go figure.  I thought maybe it was allergies, but my sister suggested maybe a sinus infection so yesterday he went to the dr and he has a pretty bad ear infection.  Poor guy.  =(

On my "sick" day Chris and I went to Lowe's and bought some wood and then proceeded to make planter boxes.  (I realize that the middle of May is kinda late to be doing this, but I'm just happy it got done, I've wanted a garden for many, many years.)  Anyway, we worked out in the sun (it got up to 76 degrees) and I drank lots of water.  Our planter boxes look really great and I can't wait to get the dirt.  I have dying seedlings that need more room for their little roots to grow!

We also noticed a really bad caterpillar problem in one of our trees.  While we were at Lowe's getting wood, we also bought "pest spray."  I really like catepillars, I think they are very cool looking and I love butterflies, but they were literally tearing up our tree.  I noticed them last weekend, there were at least 5, possibly more, nests of them in the one tree.  The first picture is one of the nests Chris cut down, not even the biggest one.  And the second one is all the catepillars on the ground after we sprayed.  

While we were working I had some Malibu and mango juice and for dinner, a glass of wine.  I was a little worried about weighing in yesterday morning.  I didn't go all out and eat and drink a ton, but definitely more alcohol than I've had since last Friday.  Anyway, my weight was up to 145.6, which I will gladly accept.  Usually I eat pretty poorly (more than I should) on Wednesday nights. 

I tend to get into a thought process of, "wow! my hard work really paid off this week.  Now that my official weigh in is over, I can relax a little for several days."  I'm trying not to allow myself to think that way this time. 

Yesterday when I got home Chris asked our neighbor (the creepy one, which you can read about here, here, and here) if he would be willing to drive him to get some dirt from a nursery.  (He asked the neighbor because we don't know anyone else with a truck.)  Anyway, they got one yard yesterday and put it in the planter boxes.  Hopefully today we can get the rest and finish up the project.  =)

So today my weight is 145.0.  =)  Lowest number I've seen along this 2+ year journey.  =)  So now I guess my goal is to BE GOOD this weekend and keep it low.  I have a problem with "being good" food and drink wise over the weekend. I want to be 145 on Monday (or lower) and get even lower on my official weigh in on Wednesday. 

I just looked at my license and noticed something.  I am official the same weight as what it says, 145.  =)  Awesome!

Wednesday morning I went for a run early.  I knew that if I waited I either wouldn't do it, or it would be too hot.  And if I didn't do it Wednesday, I would have to do it Thursday and it was predicted to be even warmer Thursday.  Chris wanted to get started on our gardening adventure early, so I had to go out the door by 9am.  I did my run, but I still felt sluggish.  It was about 65 degrees when I ran, which is still kinda warm to run in.  However, it usually doesn't feel as hot as I did yesterday, so I don't know.  Yesterday was a rest day.  The forecast had said Thursday was going to be the hottest day of the week, so I definitely didn't want to run then.  I'm glad I didn't because the temperature when I got off work was 74.

We also bought a barely used air conditioner a few months ago and installed it in Maddox's room yesterday.  It was so nice to go into the house and actually have it be cooler than outside.  We have to have fans set up to blow the air into the living room, but I think it worked great.  I'm excited to have air conditioning again.  Western Washingtonians think that they don't need air conditioning because it only gets really hot for about one month, however, that one month is usually unbearable inside. 

After we were home and done with everything (Damian had a really late baseball game) D and I were sitting on the couch together and I decided to take some pictures.  =)

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