Friday, May 30, 2014

Serious runners

Yesterday I was looking again at my friends myfitnesspal's food diary, and then looked at mine.  Who am I to judge if she has a Mountain Dew for breakfast?  I have 2 cups of coffee every morning for breakfast (the accepted way to take caffeine in the morning) but my creamer comes out to 140 calories, 20g of sugar, and  (surprisingly) 60g of sodium.  Her Mt. Dew comes out to 110 calories, 31g of sugar, and 40g of sodium.  I even get the added bonus of 6g of fat and she has none.  They are really not that much different, I beat her in the calories, and she beats me in the sugar.  Anyway, I'm sorry for ranting about it on Wednesday.  It wasn't my place.  I only have to worry about me, not her.  I have definitely had pizza for lunch and/or dinner, and Wednesday night I even had Chinese (yum! it's been a long time).

Wednesday after work I had to do a fast 5 miles.  I forgot that Maddox had an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting for is speech therapy and Damian had a baseball game.  I decided I was tired of my regular route, so decided to do a trail I don't do very often.  The trail is 4 miles out and back and then it is 0.43 miles from my house, so that totals only 4.86 miles, I was trying to think of where to tack on the extra 0.14 miles and thought I had a good idea, but when I got home the total was only 4.91 miles.  Normally I'll just run up past my house a little ways to get to my desired number, but I was in a hurry, so I didn't do that.

Yesterday, because of the Chinese food I had eaten on Wednesday night, I was a little worried about my weight.  I didn't feel any more bloated than normal, but I was psyching myself up to see 147 (remember when I talked about bracing to see 150, now I'm doing it for 147).  Well, I was only 144.6 this morning, which is actually what I was on Tuesday morning, so I think I'm okay with that.  Chinese food has so much sodium and other stuff, that I'm happy that is all it was.  And today I was 144.0, which is a total win in my book.

Yesterday I added a little to my run to make sure I made up for the just-under-5-miles on Wednesday.  And this morning I got up and did a quick 4 miles, and that puts me at 100.87 miles ran for May.  =)  Perfect.  After I hit "publish" on this, I'm headed out to go to eastern WA for the weekend and won't be running at all this weekend.

When I'm running I see lots of bikers.  It's obvious which ones are the "serious" bikers, the ones that do a million miles a week and are really into it.  They are the ones that have the fancy bike outfit on, they're always wearing a helmet, and usually have some sort of pack on their back for water.  They ride in the bike lane or on the road and they barely look at me, some lowly runner.  Then there are the leisurely bike riders, they're not usually wearing a helmet, they sometimes have jeans on, and they are riding a bike (like mine) that is obviously not a "fancy-schmancy" bike.  (I don't have any problem with either of these types, I just notice the difference.) 

Last Sunday on my long run, I was thinking about the bikers I pass.  And I realized that I feel like the second group, the "leisurely" bikers, when I run, especially long runs.  An "imposter" that is only playing at being a "serious" runner.  I often wonder what other people think as they pass me, people in a car, walking, running, biking.  Do they see a "serious" runner, someone who's ran 2 half marathons and several other smaller runs?  Or do they just see some lady out for a "jog?"  Honestly, it doesn't bother me, I run.  I know how much I run and I know what I can do and what my goals are.  But I do wonder is it as obvious as the bikers?


  1. are a SERIOUS runner....don't con yourself into thinking that you are a leisurely biker!!!