Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weigh in and gadgets

Today I took some time off work.  I need to use my sick time before my job ends and so I am.  I am going to enjoy the sun and work on my garden, that needs to be worked on desperately.  We have seedlings sprouting with no where to put them. 

So Monday I told you I weighed in at 148.4 (right?).  I have been eating extremely healthy, except for the 3-4 small sized chocolate pieces I've had daily.  Yesterday I weighed in at 146.2.  Seriously?  I was super excited but didn't allow myself to get to hyped up as today is my official weigh in.  So what is my weight today? ...........145.2!!!  Woohoo!  That's 2.4 lbs just since Monday!  How exciting. 

The weather has been really fantastic this week.  But I am getting tan lines.  I dislike tan lines, specifically sock lines and capri lines.  Last year, about this time, I started going to a tanning bed to avoid them, which I may end up doing again, but I'm not ready to yet.  I feel like that completely defeats the purpose of sunscreen.  I put it on before I run, but I tan really, really easily and I'm already noticing faint sock lines.  The other line I'm noticing is in my elbow crease.  I have a nice little triangle in my elbow crease (or is it elbow pit?) and I hate it.  I've thought about using some self tanner just in the spots that are white, but I've seen horrible self tanner stories, in person and on TV (too orange or one lady in Walmart that I saw personally had awesome handprints on the back of her legs). 
Or I could look like an oompa loompa
I use a phone case that goes on my upper arm, but I'm worried about having a white stripe there too, so far I haven't noticed it, and I started switching arms halfway through my runs, but it's really annoying on my right arm because I'm so used to it on my left one.  Anyway, I'm thinking of buying one of these
But they're a little expensive and I'm worried that it will slip or be too bulky. 

This summer I will have to figure out carrying water, which that won't work for, but I'll have to do something if I'm going to start training for a full marathon.  I could just wait to see what I buy for hydration and see if I can get something that will also hold my phone. 

Speaking of marathon training, I also want to get a Garmin watch.  I'd really like the newest, fanciest one, but then I was thinking last week that maybe it'd be silly to get the newest model, and why not just get a basic one as my first one. Plus, they're much cheaper. 
$179.99 (and look at the fun colors!)

I think I could afford the $180 one much easier than the $400 one.  ; )  (That is totally going to give me a new tan line.)

Yesterday I went for a run after work.  The weather here has been in the 70's, which I'm loving, but not so much while I run.  Yesterday the temperature was around 74 while I was running and I was boiling.  I realize that lots of people run in much warmer temps, but for me that is hot for a run.  I felt drained after my run, my legs were heavy and I just wanted to sit and do nothing.  Today I'm running in the morning before it gets too warm.  =)  (This was written early, by the time it posts, I'll have finished my run and will be working outside.) 

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  1. tee hee happy to know that i'm not the only one that worries about the tan lines. :-) When I wear my heart rate monitor chest strap and the watch, I can only wear my phone on my right arm.....the phone works fine but the watch picks up some signal from the phone and it goes all seriously, I know my heart rate is NOT 357 BPM! So I freaked out last year about always wearing my phone on my right in the summer. Ahhhh he little things!