Monday, May 12, 2014

Wheat free-for now

Well, after a crappy feeling week last week, mostly because of what I ate (and drank), I decided to try to go wheat free for the next week, maybe longer and see what happens.  Last Wednesday I weighed in at 147.8, but by Friday I was back up to 150.X. I started doing the wheat free "thing" Friday, but we had a friend come over and I ended up drinking too much.  I did much better the rest of the weekend and this morning I was back down to 148.4, this is a nice change from the last several months where I've gained weight over the weekend and then am trying to get back to the previous weeks weight (not even focusing on losing more).  I know that eating well, and not drinking "too much" really helps my weight, so it just might be that.
I have noticed that I am not that attached to wheat.  Over the last year I have drastically cut back on all wheat products, and most other grains as well (I eat corn about once a week), so I've noticed the last 3 days that I don't really crave it.  When I do eat it, it's often because it's so handy.  Afternoon snack?  I'll have a couple crackers.  Feeding Maddox? I'll have a bite or two of his noodles.  Hungry?  I'll make a quick sandwich (although I don't do that hardly at all anymore). 
What I have noticed that I crave is sugar.  I have not committed to going sugar-free yet, and I doubt I will be 100% sugar free, ever.  It's been especially hard because I like a little chocolate with a glass of wine in the evening so I usually have that in my house.  We just saw Chris's Mom since before Christmas a week ago, and she gave us our Christmas gift which was a couple bags of chocolates.  So I notice that I want sugar, regularly.  That one will be a hard one to give up, much harder than the wheat.  And really, my love for donuts falls into the sugar category way more than the wheat category.  (Tomorrow is another "drug breakfast" so I will face the biggest wheat-free challenge then, with bagels, donuts or whatever they bring.)
So, my plan is to go a week, maybe 2, without wheat/grains.  Then maybe next week to take out (most) sugar.  And then I can see where I am from there.  I will admit my biggest motivation is to lose the last 10+ lbs I have hanging on.  So I don't know if this will be a forever thing.  I guess time will tell.
I have also been fighting a lack of motivation to go running.  I totally skipped my run on Friday (intervals on the treadmill) and then almost skipped my run Saturday.  In fact, I had decided to skip it, but got dressed anyway and ended up doing it. 
Yesterday was Mother's Day here, and Damian made me breakfast.  I needed to clean the kitchen, so I did that, and then went outside to do some yardwork and let Maddox play before his nap.  When I came inside I fell asleep for about 30 min on the couch.  I woke up and decided to skip my run, I was planning 9 miles, but then I got up and got dressed for a run.  I decided to do only 5-6 miles, but the run felt so good that I decided to do 7 (actually, that's a lie, I was aiming for 6.5 and ended up with 7).  =)  After my run Chris was home for work so he took the boys to go shopping (he's the king of procrastination) and I was left with the house to myself.  I grabbed my book and went outside, because the day was gorgeous! and sat outside reading.
When they came home they went in to cook dinner and I stayed outside with Maddox.  I lit a fire in my fire pit and enjoyed the evening.  It was a great day. =)

The flowers are from my yard and they smell fabulous!  =)

The first picture is cute of Maddox, but I LOVE the face on Ari (the cat) in the second one.  He looks pissed!  But he's soooo good with Maddox, hardly ever scratching him, and lets Maddox manhandle him all the time.  =)


  1. Haa haa haa...the look on the cats face is priceless! :-)

    I could give up the sugar so much easier than I could the wheat. I love breads and pasta.....LOVE. Good thing I haven't been bitten with the bug to give up either of them though. Although I will admit to seriously trying to limit the amount of breads and pastas I eat. :-)

    1. That's how I started, MaryFran. I limited the amount of breads and pasta. I LOVE bread, especially white bread, I can eat it all by itself, but I started about a year ago eating less. And now, I hardly ever eat bread, and I've cut out most pastas as well. I think if I had gone all out cold turkey, there's no way I would have stuck with it. And I might allow myself the occasional garlic bread with some chicken fettucine once in a while in the future. I haven't completely decided what I'm going to do with this whole wheat free thing. This is sort of a "test run." =)