Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Picture post

Not much to talk about today, but I have some pictures from my last week or so that I've finally been able to get on my computer so I can post here.  So here are the "missing photos" of the past week or so.  =)

The hike on 5/1

After Maddox jumped in the lake.

My cousin's son, he's 17, and until this trip
 I had never really talked to him.  He's super
smart and super funny.**

My mom
Damian and my cousin's other son, he's 18 and about to graduate,
and very gay.  He's simply fabulous!  =) **
Pictures my aunt took.
The finisher tshirt (my aunt took this for a friend)
Damian and Maddox.  I have a picture of D at about Maddox's
age on my dad's lap on the lawn mower.
Bedtime stories

**I don't care for my cousin very much, in fact, I really can't stand him and have zero respect for him.  But after hanging out with 2 of his 4 kids (he's got a 20 year old daughter with 2 kids and another on the way and a 14 year old son), I think the 2 boys I hung out with this weekend were really kinda great kids, despite their upbringing and complete and utter lack of parenting.  (I don't hold out much hope for the daughter, I think she's too far gone, but maybe the 3rd son will turn out okay.)

Yesterday I ran 5 miles.  I really didn't want to, but the sun made an appearance, so I try to maximize all sunny days, so I ran.  Today is supposed to be a rest day, but again, the sun is out, so I may run.  I will have to talk to Chris and see if he is planning on going to metal detect.  (Wednesday is his designated day).

I think I forgot to mention that I made my 100 mile goal for April.  104 miles to be exact.  =)