Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crappy food = overly tired = bad decision making

I found a new blog . . . I keep adding blogs to read and then I get way behind because I have so many and I don't have enough time in the day to read them all.  I got caught up yesterday, but everyone posts, so now I have 8 more posts to read.  =)  #firstworldproblems (cuz everyone loves hashtags)

Anyway, the new blog I started reading is An Evolution in Body, Mind and Spirit written by Anna Down Under.  I really like reading from the beginning of weight loss blogs, seeing their story and how they got where they are now, so I started hers from the beginning.  She is doing the "Dr. Poon diet" that I've read about in Leigh's blog and having great results.  It's another low carb, no grains diet (lifestyle).  I have been half-heartedly attempting no grains but have allowed them to stay in my diet to a small extent. 

Last night Chris was going to cook a pork dish (that I love) but then he decided to instead go get junk food from the store and make that.  Chicken wings (which aren't that bad), mozzarella sticks, pizza bread, chicken strips (which I didn't eat) and then I made popcorn.  I ate all of it, except the chicken strips, and a lot of wine.  I slept terribly last night, and I was super tired this morning.  So tired, that when I realized we had a drug rep bringing breakfast I ended up getting half a donut and half a cinnamon roll.  (My defenses are always horrible when I'm tired and we all know that donuts are my downfall.)  Oh, and I forgot, I had a piece of toast with my eggs this morning.  (In my defense, my hard boiled eggs weren't "hard boiled" but more like extremely runny [think overeasy] and I just couldn't stomach the eggs without something to soak up the yolk.  I'm running out of eggs and not going shopping for a few days so I didn't want to waste them.)

Anyway, I was reading Anna's blog and thinking how crappy I felt when I started thinking maybe it was the crappy food I ate.  Gwen would say absolutely.  And honestly, I kinda think she's right.  When I don't eat grains, I feel much better than when I do eat them.  Today is living proof. 

So, even with this "proof" that I feel crappy after that type of food, am I ready to 100% commit?  No, not really.  I realize those that follow this lifestyle would tell me that I am thinking with the addiction to grains still telling me I need them, and maybe they are right, but . . . I'm not ready to give up donuts . . . or chocolate (not that I actually eat donuts very often, not even once a month usually, however, I have several times this week, but that is unusual). 

Anyway, yesterday I ran 4 miles.  It was a really hard run for me.  I was overly tired and my legs felt heavy.  My foot hurt (from the plantar faciitis I still struggle with) and my shin splints were really bad.  It was just not a good run.  (This was before all the bad food, by the way.)  After my run we went outside and sat in our new sitting area (I did it a few weeks ago and we haven't had a lot of sun to utilize it as much as I'd like).  Here are a few pictures from my small garden that I took last evening.  =)

Today I'm taking a rest day.


  1. Boo to the bad run....but hip hip hurrah for persevering though it!!!! Darn Plantars fasciitis!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! :). I've been very fortunate to never have experienced any pain or injuries yet from running, but then it's only been ten weeks and only recently have I been running 20 minutes or more. Next week I move up to 25 and so far I've felt the beginnings of a side ache now and then but that's it. Not sure what shin splints feel like and hope I never learn! Lol.

    Anyway I'm wondering if you aren't ready to "give up" donuts and other grains, have you considered avoiding them for say 2-3 weeks or so just to see if you feel better? You could then reintroduce them and see if they affect you. You might be surprised to find after taking a break that you don't really want them anymore. For me it's for weight loss, but you appear to be at a healthy weight so it's clearly not causing a weight issue for you. Then again you may be keeping that under control with running. Anyway, just my two cents and once again, thanks for the mention.

    1. Interesting that you should mention whether or not I'm willing to give up wheat for 2-3 weeks, I've actually decided to do it for a week, maybe more. I have given up most of my wheat already, it's just the occasional pasta or even donut that I still cling to. Reading your blog the last few days has really motivated me. Plus the fact that I'm back up to 150.x lbs and really want to be 14X lbs. :-)