Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ode to pants

On Friday Chris was helping a friend pickup his RV at a shop and he noticed the check engine light come on (again).  So when they got to the shop, they very nicely did their check engine light diagnosis thing and it turns out we had a major problem with the turbo engine (we have a Dodge Neon SRT4, which is kinda a racing car, which we have never raced).  Anyway, he was told to not accelerate too fast or it could "blow the engine" and not to drive it too much, just home and then to the Dodge shop to get it repaired.  So I was stuck on Saturday in my old 1989 Toyota.  I tell you, that car will last forever.  However, we don't drive it much, and their is something wrong with the taillights.  The wiring is messed up and there are no brake lights (I know, very bad), we keep talking about getting it fixed, but we usually only think about it when the Dodge is out of commission and we are forced to drive the Toyota, so it doesn't get done.  It really needs to be done, especially since that is the car Damian will be driving when he gets his license this fall.

On Saturday I got sick.  =(  I ran for 5 miles on Saturday and felt like my head was going to explode.  I seriously could only think about getting home, eating an apple, and laying down.  I felt terrible.  When I got home I grabbed an apple (I don't know why that sounded so good) and took a shower.  It's the first time I've ever eaten an apple in the shower.  =)  I've had water, wine, milk in the shower, but never food. 

Anyway, after my shower (and some ibuprofen) I felt better and did some stuff around the house, well, actually outside the house.  Damian and I had some errands to do, get tabs for both cars, drop some stuff off at Goodwill, get some food for Damian's baseball double header on Sunday (which was 2 hours away), and get his hair cut.  I wanted to go to the library but I thought the little driving I did do, was pushing my luck, so I didn't go.  (And I forgot the books at home today which is frustrating because I work right across the street from the library.)  When Chris got home we moved dirt.  We had 3 planter boxes, one was made from old wood I found in our falling down shed, and with our car problems we decided to save a little money and just consolidate the dirt we had into 2 boxes and not use the third.

Sunday I felt AWFUL so I mostly just laid on the couch all day.  However, my poor plants needed to be planted, so I did go outside for a little while and plant my vegetables.  =)  I am excited about it, and a little worried that we don't have enough space for everything to grow.  I may have to take out some plants so there is enough room.  It was so hard to throw out some of the little shoots that I had grown that I didn't have room for.  It's like they finally get their shot and I threw them away.  (Yes, I put human emotions on plants.) (Don't judge, I do it to everything.)  (especially stuffed animals)  Anyway, the garden looks awesome and I can't wait for the plants to get bigger.  =)  I've only ever had flower gardens, so this is exciting to me. (Yes, I grew up on a farm, no my mom (she was raised a city girl) did not plant anything, ever, and my dad was too busy, you know, farming.)

I didn't run Sunday or yesterday.  I stayed home from work yesterday (actually sick).  I'm feeling better today, so I'm planning on running this afternoon.

When I was grabbing clothes to take to Goodwill I came across several pairs of pants that had sentimental value to me.  Honestly, if I let myself I could totally become a hoarder.  It was really hard to part with these pants (human emotions attached to pants + sentimental value = hoarder) 

So I have an Ode to Pants for you.  Since I can't write poetry (and you wouldn't want to read it anyway) you're stuck with pictures.  =)  (Damian took these pictures, they aren't the best quality, nor, as you can see, do I completely look my best.)  =)

 These black pants . . . wow, they were the hardest to let go.  They look like they fit here, and really, they probably do, but they are stretchy.  I wore these pants for years and years and years.  I don't even remember when I bought them.  They were my "go to" nice pants when I gained weight.  I didn't want to buy new ones because I didn't want to admit I had gained weight.  Instead I wore these.  I even wore them while I was pregnant . . . a lot.  When I got too big for them to fit around my tummy (while pregnant), I rolled them under my tummy.  They never got "too" tight, even though they were probably skin tight at my heaviest.  They were starting to wear in the thigh area, but they never wore through, which is really surprising because I had jeans that I wore through in the thigh area (many pairs) but these pants stayed tough.  I'm not kidding, I was very sad to let them go . . . but I did. I almost kept them . . . but I didn't.
 Nancy and I shop together and these were a pair that we both bought.  I liked them because the pant leg folded up and also could be worn as capri style pants.  These were my "big" pants, I counted on them to be my comfortable summer pants.  They were comfy and light and I started to outgrow them.  They had got so tight that I had to quit wearing them because the button kept popping open.  In fact, I thought maybe it was because of how old they were, the button must not hold as well anymore.  Nope!  I had just gotten too big for them. 
These pants were sooooo soft.  I wore these a lot.  I probably had them over 10 years, I'd say close to 15 years.  I definitely had them when I worked at the group home for foster kids in my early to mid-20's.  I loved the pocket on the side, we were required to carry a walkie talkie and it fit perfectly in that pocket.  I wore these pants a lot for that job.  The button in the back came off early on in the pant's life and I kept that button forever, always meaning to sew it back on, but never getting around to it.  In fact, I could probably find it now if I wanted to waste some time looking for it.  These pants also got too tight.  In fact, I started getting a "camel toe" in these pants, so I quit wearing them.  I never started wearing them again after I lost weight, and now they are too big. 

I definitely get sentimental over clothes.  Especially ones that I wore a lot, or liked a lot.  I once kept a size 8 pair of pants with the tag still on them because I was determined to fit into them.  I had bought a pair of slacks that I loved, but there was something wrong with them and I took them back to the store.  They were out of the specific ones I wanted, so I got a different pair, however, if you've ever been shopping you know how much sizes differ between brands, so the size 8 pair I got didn't fit like the size 8 pair I had returned.  I had just lost a bunch of weight after having Damian so I was sure I would get small enough to wear the new pair.  I didn't.  Instead, I stayed the same weight for awhile and then started gaining again.  I probably had those pants for 5 years, at least, very likely more, before finally donating them to Goodwill . . . with the tag still attached.  I wonder if they'd fit now . . . ; )

I also gave away all my maternity clothes.  I had hoped to have another baby after Maddox, but I'm getting older and I'm not sure I want to go through baby-hood and then toddler-hood again.  I guess it's probably time that I clean out Maddox's clothes.  I kept a small amount of his clothes (my very favorite outfits) for "just in case."  I kept toys that were Damian's until he was 10, when I finally had a yard sale and sold them all off.  I then got pregnant 2 years later, and wished I hadn't sold all the cool stuff (like the outdoor play thing).  Oh well.  ; )  In my old age I'm going to be a hoarder, I can see it.  It scares me, I force myself to throw things out because I don't want to be a hoarder, but often it's hard.  (It also runs in my family.  My mom has toys in their original box that I played with as a kid, but she's not bad, no my aunts are horrible hoarders.)


  1. As hard as it is to get rid of stuff.....it's a good thing! And the big clothes highlight how far you've come!!!!

    1. I know, MaryFran. I just form unusual attachments. :-)

  2. I am glad you got rid of them! I know they have sentimental value to you, but those clothes do not look hot on you! You're so gorgeous. :)