Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Potty training

I hope you all (Americans) had a great 3 day weekend.  Mine was very relaxing.  I read 2 and a 1/2 books, and did a lot of nothing.  Yesterday I did some cleaning, mostly Maddox's room and the living room, but that's about as productive as I got.  I cooked dinner all three nights, but that was easy.

The one thing I did that was the most productive, although I didn't do much, was start potty training Maddox.  =)  I've been waiting for a 3 day weekend so that I could start, that gives him 6 full days of full on training, without having to worry about daycare.  (Chris has Tues-Thurs off.)  I have to say, I think he was ready.  We had 3 accidents the first two days, and they were the first and second pee of the day on Saturday, and then the first pee of the day on Sunday.  He got the hang of it very quickly . . . as long as he was running around with no pants on.  Monday I put underwear on him, and I think he would forget that it wasn't diapers, and he would start to go, and then stop and run to the potty.  And then I put pants on him for no more than 15 min (probably less) and he had a full out mess . . . 2 times, the second even soaking his shoes (yuck).  (At least there was no poop.)

Today Chris has him, and I haven't heard about any accidents, but I do know he pooped in the potty chair for the first time. (This is exciting for me)(I didn't have to clean it up.)  All of this will be tested this weekend when we go to eastern WA.  I'm thinking a diaper in the car for the ride over, and then we'll see how it goes while we're there.  Definitely going to bring diapers though.  Plus, he's still using them for his naps and bedtime.

You know, I was a lazy mother with Damian.  I actually didn't potty train him.  I think the daycare did it all.  He was 4, and suddenly he was going to the bathroom.  (Not really my proudest moment as a parent) This means I have no real experience potty training.  I was a little worried about it, but I think Maddox is ready and he's doing great so far.  This is way better than the attempt last fall.  That failed miserably. 

I managed to get in all my scheduled runs this weekend.  Friday I ran the 6 miles I meant to run on Thursday, 5 miles on Saturday, 8 and a half miles on Sunday, and another 5 miles yesterday.  That leaves me with 13 and a half miles left to get 100 miles for May.  Totally doable.  I'm taking today off as a rest day, then planning on running 5 miles Wed-Fri and Saturday off.  That should put me at 101.5 miles for the month.  =)  I may only run 4 on Friday, and I'll still be at goal.  I'm going to eastern WA Friday morning, so a short run might be better. 

I was planning on running in eastern WA, but one of the biggest reasons we (my sister Nancy and I) are going over there is to get our family tattoos touched up.  We are the only ones that need them touched up.  Mine is so faint, you'd think it had been exposed to years and years of sun, but it hasn't.  I don't think the sun has seen it at all, and I'm good at putting sunscreen on it anyway.  I think the scab just wore off too soon because of where it is.  =(  Anyway, because of where it is, under arm on my bicep, I don't think I'll be able to run on Saturday, and maybe not Sunday either.  I don't remember how long I took off after I did it the first time, I know I took longer on my foot because I couldn't wear socks.

The weather got cooler here this weekend.  It even rained some.  On Friday I was really looking forward to running in the rain, but by the time I got home, it was done raining.  =(  I've been so discouraged about my slow runs that on Saturday I decided to run hard and try to get every mile in the 8.xx min/mile range.  It was a 5 mile run, and luckily it wasn't hot out.  It was overcast and in the low 60's.  I did it, but just barely.  I was pretty tired after mile 3, so I slowed down, and mile 4 was just barely in the 8.xx range.  I kinda wish I had sped up just a little for the 4th mile, because then I would have had negative splits for the whole run.  Oh well.  =)  I felt awesome after the run, even though it felt hard while I was running.
Sunday I managed 8 and a half miles.  I was going to rest on Monday, but a friend sent me a link on Facebook to run for Memorial Day (I, of course, can't find the exact spot now) but it asked you to pledge your miles on Monday to fallen service members, so I did.  I pledged 5 miles and then ran it.

Maddox discovered the camera on my phone this weekend.  He spent a lot of time taking "selfies" and then scrolling through my pictures.  The ones below aren't even half of what he took.  A lot of them were just his hair, but they are cute nonetheless. =)

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