Friday, May 23, 2014

Welcome rain????

It's raining this morning.  I am a little scared about it.  You want to know why?  Because I actually looked out the window and saw the rain and was happy it was raining.  That is western WA mentality and I pride myself on being an eastern Washingtonian.  I hate the rain.  However, we have had quite a bit of a dry spell (for here) and the mugginess was driving me crazy.  I don't mind running in the rain, and am actually looking forward to this afternoon's run (if it continues). 

Yesterday was another humid run.  I think it's the humidity that's killing me, not necessarily the heat.  It's not that hot out.  Some days high 60's and others low 70's, that's not that hot.  I realized today when I saw the rain that it's the humidity.  I hate it.  It may be why I feel like I'm slugging through mud when I run. 

I was going to run 6 miles yesterday and in my head I mapped out an add-on to my 4 mile run that I was sure would get me to 6 miles.  I wanted to do the 4 mile route because I wasn't sure how I would feel while I was running.  I lost my voice yesterday and sound like a 70 yr smoker if I can get sound out.  I haven't been feeling badly, just my throat the last several days and yesterday my voice.  Anyway, I wanted to make sure that I could abort my run if I needed to early (I guess I could have turned around on any route and "aborted").  I felt fine while I was running, and actually didn't have much pain with my throat while breathing through my mouth, so I decided to do that add-on.  I calculated wrong in my head though and only got (almost) 5.5 (5.43) miles.  Normally I would run past my house and end on 5.5 or more, but with the humidity, I just stopped. 

I have gone all week with no sugar.  I've been sooooo tempted, several times, but I have managed it.   I've also gone 2 weeks with no wheat, other than last weekend with the tortilla on the chicken enchilada and the flour and bread crumbs in the meatballs.  Then this morning I had half a donut.  Honestly though, I'm kinda okay with that.  I was thinking about it, and I don't eat much wheat anymore.  Only the occasional tortilla and occasional donut or pastry, every once in a blue moon a piece of bread.  It's easy to turn down spaghetti (Chris makes it regularly) because I don't like it, but sometimes I'll have a little pasta in some dish or other.  None of those things are regulars in my diets (not even the donuts, those are special treats).  The sugar/chocolate is where I was getting out of hand but I'm not ready to give up all chocolate/sugar completely.  I'm just not.  I think, as long as I stay away from the candy in the office (and that will be a non-issue in a few weeks anyway) I will be okay with the occasional piece at home.  (As long as it doesn't all bombard my house all at once like the last month.)
My very favorite donut!
This week my weight has been all over the place.  I've been good, no breads, no sugars and one day I was 147 and the very next day down to 144.2.  I don't know what caused the spike (and how interesting that I'm disappointed in a 147 when a few weeks ago that was an exciting number to me).  This morning I was 143.2 (jump up and down excited!). 

I now need a new belt, and the pants I just bought this winter with my mom and sister (I think they might be an 8) I can pull off without unbuttoning.  I don't think I'm an size 8 because I still have several pants that are a 10 that I wear all the time and I can't do that with, but I always need a belt with those pants.  I'd really like to go shopping and try on some other pants and see what size I am.  I MUST be an 8 now, right?

I am going to continue with my no wheat and no sugars for the most part.  But I am going to allow myself to have something here and there.  Tomorrow morning, I'm going to have a full donut.  (I bought them for a group at work, and then no one showed up to the group.)  My sons will devour the rest, but I am going to eat the one I'm saving for myself.  And I will allow myself one chocolate in the evening (probably not every evening) with my wine.  I guess if I start gaining again I'll reevaluate this.

My sister and I were talking about chocolate the other day.  She has never been a chocolate lover. She works at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) managing the travel arrangements for all the scientists.  Those scientists often bring her back European chocolate, and she said that stuff is amazing.  She said that one guy she works with is crazy about chocolate and won't leave it alone, his dr told him to eat European chocolate because it's healthier and satisfies you better.  I think I believe her because I bought a box of Belgian chocolates right after Valentine's Day in Costco and they are honestly the best chocolates I've ever had.  And it's very easy to eat just one.  In fact, I still have 5 or 6 pieces left, and that's unheard of for me.  So that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to splurge on more expensive chocolate (it will last longer, so it probably will be cheaper in the long run) and eat it conservatively.  =)

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