Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Slowing down (not on purpose)

Maddox playing in the water spray from the leak in the hose.
My finished garden (there are plants, they are just hard to see).
Yesterday my post was long enough so I didn't want to add more, but I did a full week without wheat.  It wasn't very hard for me, to be honest.  There was a time when it would have been almost impossible, but I've cut back so much on it, that I didn't even notice it much.  On Saturday though I did make chicken enchiladas for dinner, and that had tortillas.  I ate one of those, then Sunday I made meatballs, and that required breadcrumbs and some flour for the gravy, and I ate those.  Monday Papa Murphy's (a take and bake pizza place) was donating $2 per pizza to the Oso Relief Fund, so we got 2 pizzas.  I ate 2 pieces of pizza. 

As of Saturday (I think)  I've been sugar free, other than what is in my creamer for my coffee (which admittedly is a lot).  Maybe some day I'll wean myself off of that creamer and only use half and half or real cream, but that won't happen soon.  Chris likes his coffee way too strong and we don't have the luxury of separate coffeemakers (or a Keurig, which I would LOVE).  Work is the hardest for me to stay away from the candy, so it's good that I started over the weekend.  However, this week one of my groups is having donuts, and I don't know if I'll be able to resist them, especially since I'm buying them.  =/

I have noticed that I'm getting slower when I run.  I don't know why.  I'm not doing anything different.  In April I started doing intervals, but I only did them 3 times, and I was already faster than I am now before I started doing the intervals.  In April I had only a handful of 9+ min/mile runs, and in May I've only had 3 under 9+ min/mile runs.  Yesterday I pulled out a 8:57min/mile, but only because I ran an 8:24 on my last mile, the rest were all above 9 min.  I'm frustrated by this.  I'm not looking forward to my runs at all, they feel harder than they have in the past and I feel like one of those sayings that is all over Facebook and Pinterest. 
I know, I'm still running, but I was really enjoying my mid-8 min/mile times.  Other than Saturday and yesterday when I ran with this sore throat (and Saturday I had a lot of pressure in my head) there is no difference at all from April in my running.  Maybe it's the temperatures?  It has been a fairly warm May here, not a ton of rain, and many sunny days. 

So I did go for a 4 mile run yesterday, and my head didn't bother me, but man, my throat hurt.  I started spitting a lot so I didn't have to swallow the saliva because breathing through my mouth made my throat feel like it was on fire.  I'd like to go for a longer run today, was even thinking about 6 miles, but I feel about the same today, so I don't know if I can handle that far. 

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