Friday, May 2, 2014


The last few days here have been very beautiful weather-wise.  Yesterday we all had dentist appts in the morning so I had requested the entire day off thinking that we could do something fun after the dentist.  At the time I made these plans, I didn't expect the weather to be 70+ degrees out, but when I was looking at the weather report, I was super excited to see that I had the day off on the nicest day of the year so far.  =)

Anyway, we all went to the dentist, which is in Bellingham (40 min north) and then I told Chris I wanted to drive down Chuckanut drive, which is a very scenic route from Bellingham to just north of Mt. Vernon.  Anyway, once I heard it was going to be so nice I suggested going for a hike because I know there are lots of trails shooting off that road.  While at the dentist we mentioned it, and several people suggested going to Fragrance lake because it was a "easy" trail and only 1.5 miles there. 

After eating lunch we drove down and found the trail.  I found Maddox's old backpack carrier and read the weight limit on it.  He's such a small boy that even though it's meant for younger kids, he still fit in it.

Wow, even though the trail was only a mile and a half one way, it was still fairly steep in spots, and I was carrying a 30 lb toddler on my back.  I was winded, to say the least, and drenched in sweat.  =)  I realized about a half a mile in that the weight of Maddox made me the same weight as I was 2 and a half years ago before I started running. 

You know, on Biggest Loser, they always have a challenge somewhere towards the middle where they have to carry weights on their bodies of how much fat they lost up until that point.  I realize that challenge is hard, but I didn't realize how hard it was.  Not to mention, once they got to certain points, they got to shed however many lbs they had lost in a week, I didn't get that.  I couldn't cut up little parts of Maddox to make him lighter.  =) 

About 3/4ths of a mile in I put Maddox down to walk a little while and then Damian carried him for a (very) short amount of time.  I took him back when D got tired and carried him the rest of the way. 

As soon as we got to the lake Maddox was perched on the side of it, and before anyone could move he jumped in ("puddle!").  Luckily it was in a spot with a little bit of an incline, most of the lake had no shore, it just started about 1-2 feet deep.  Needless to say, his shoes, socks and shorts got soaked.  We took off all his clothes except his diaper and let him play for a little while.  Then he got back in the pack with no shorts or socks on, and we started the hike back.  We couldn't stay for long because Damian had to get back for baseball pictures. 
Can he ever get off his phone??

Sorry for the blur
As hard as going up was, I think the going down was worse for me.  I carried Maddox the entire time because he couldn't really get down and walk with his wet shoes and no pants.  The downhill really killed my knees.  They were aching pretty bad.  Today they aren't bad, but my back is pretty sore, and I can feel it a little in my butt and thighs. It was a really good day. 

I want to do that more this summer.  Since I'm losing my job, I think I will insist on it, although we're going to have to buy a new backpack carrier.  The one we used really wasn't meant for a toddler.  He is still in the weight range for it, but it's definitely built more for a baby. 

(I have several more pictures, but I am having problems getting them off my phone.  There is at least 2 more that I love that will be in a later post.  Sorry for not having better ones right away.)

Today I'm headed to my parents house and then tomorrow to Spokane to run Bloomsday on Sunday. 

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  1. What a wonderful workout with Maddox on your back! And a good reminder of how far you've come!!! Yay to family time also!