Friday, May 31, 2013

Lesson learned

So I had the CRAZIEST thing happen to me on my run yesterday . . . I have several different routes leaving from my house, but only one fairly flat one. I decided to do that one today and was about a mile from my house when someone honked at me. I don't get many honks, or at least don't hear them and when I do, it's usually someone I know, so I turned around to look and it was my neighbor who was parked in a dr's office parking lot. I stopped and walked over to his car and without thinking about it sat down in his car for a min.  I will say, that sitting down in his car was stupid.  The only stupid thing I did in the situation.  I don't care for my neighbor (you can read about why here), but I was running and most of that mile was uphill so I sat down.  We have another guy friend (not that my neighbor is Chris's or my friend . . .) that I have done this with, and he has sat in my car to just chat for a min if we see each other in the community.  Anyway, I didn't think of it, and sat down in his car.

Not even 30 sec later I heard someone screaming "Cathy! Get out of that car!" and I turned around and see his wife charging at the car. I got out and was standing there and she shoved me and grabbed my neck and tried to pull me away from the car. I had my hand wrapped around something on the car door because I knew if she pulled me away, she would have beat my butt (I have never been in a fight, ever).  She was screaming and calling me a liar (I really don't know what I lied about) and he was trying to pull her off me. He's saying "she was just running by" and she says "you honked at her!" and he says "yeah, to say hi." And she says "she didn't have to get in the car!" She says "I'm going to call Chris!" and I said (very lamely) "I was just running." They were struggling and she was trying to kick him and he was trying to hold her back, and he said "stop it, you're going to get the cops called on us again." I didn't quite know what to do, so I kinda waved and then continued my run. . .

 I still can't really wrap my head around what happened or why.  I know that they have problems, we can hear them fighting regularly.  I also know that she has some sort of mental illness (she used to see a counselor where I work and when she found out I worked there she used to come over and ask for advice, I had to tell her that I wasn't her therapist, I was her neighbor, and she could call her therapist in the morning).  Anyway, I don't know what diagnosis she has, nor do I care, I just know that the whole family has issues and somehow I got caught in the middle of it.
I did finish my 5.25 miles . . . but I think the last 4.25 was on adrenaline. =)  
After about 2 blocks down the road from where I left them fighting, I suddenly thought "I was just assaulted."  I briefly considered calling the police myself, but then thought that it would be silly since I had left and she didn't really hurt me.  Besides, I still have to live next to her.  I did stop and call Chris.  I was a little worried that he would get some crazy message from her and worry, so instead I left a crazy message.  =)  I said something along the lines of, "I am running, and I ran into Mike and said hello.  And Jen is freaking crazy!  Anyway, she might call or text you, so I thought I'd let you know I was okay and I will tell you the story when you get home" (he was still working).
After I told Chris about the whole thing, he said that I should have told her to go ahead and call him, and to make sure I said hi to him.  He also told me I should have pepper sprayed her, however, I didn't have my pepper spray.  He told me that I need to carry it, and I agree.  He also told me I should have called the police.  But I didn't and I'm not planning on it.  I guess if my living room window gets broken, or my tires slashed, I may regret that decision, but I don't think she will do anything like that.  Damian told me that they had the police at their house, so someone must have called them.  I just thought the whole situation was super crazy.
I need to go for a run today, but I'm a little scared to now. I guess the lesson learned is, when someone honks at you wave and don't stop.  =) 

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