Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My weekend

A few weeks ago I talked about the races I want to do that were coming up.  One of them was the Have a Heart Run that was on May 4th (Saturday).  I was undecided because I was going to Spokane that day for Bloomsday.  I did the run last year and wasn't impressed with it, but it is for a good nonprofit agency in my town so I wanted to do it anyway.  Anyway, I decided not to do it afterall.  I just felt that I was trying to do too much, the drive to Spokane from my house was 6 hours and I wanted to get out of town as soon as I could.

I have decided to run this Saturday, Run for Your Mum, which is for another nonprofit agency in this area.  It is a fundraiser as well as a run, but I have such a hard time asking for money.  I'm thinking of sending Damian around and asking him to do it for me.  =)  He's very, very good at it.  He got people to buy a lot of cookie dough this fall for his school.  Luckily I don't have to raise money to run in the race, I can just run.  =)

My weekend was a blur of activity.  We drove to Spokane on Saturday morning.  The biggest problem with that drive is that it is the same drive to go to our parents' house, but longer.  To get to my parent's house you drive for 3 hours and then turn off the main freeway onto a two-way highway and continue for another hour.  Well, going to Spokane, you stay on the freeway for another 3 hours until you get there.  Passing the highway we normally turn off on, and having to continue driving for so long was really, really hard.  The extra 3 hours after that turn off felt like forever. 

I met with some old high school classmates of mine at the race expo.  They are twin brothers and one of them was running the race.  I had contacted him through Facebook awhile ago to let him know I would be in town and we made plans to meet up.  It was really nice to catch up with them, I always liked them in high school (had the BIGGEST crush on one of them).  I wished I could have spent more time hanging out, but I was expected for dinner at my aunt's house where we were staying for the weekend. 

We did Bloomsday on Sunday, which I wrote about yesterday so I won't go into any more detail.  =)  Afterwards we just hung out at my aunt's house.  My parents came into town to watch us walk, and my other sister with her kids were there.  It was nice to visit with my family.  I don't see my aunt very much and she has another aunt staying with her, so we saw both of them and just visited. 

Some extra pictures from Bloomsday.  =)
This was accidental but we liked it so much we kept it. =)
The guys sign says "Running is better Sitting Down" and the
girls sign says "It's not too late to fake an injury."
My dad cheering us on as we walked by.
We were woken early Monday morning by the fire alarm in the house.  The thermostat overheated and caught fire.  My aunt was able to put it out, but when the firemen came they said it was lucky that the fire went outwards instead of staying behind the paneling because the alarm would not have gone off and the whole house would have been on fire before we realized it.  I was sleeping in the basement with Maddox and the only way out of the basement was into the room that had the fire.  I'm afraid that if the house had caught on fire Maddox and I would have died down there.  It was pretty scary for me. 

 We came home on Monday and thankfully the drive wasn't as bad as going over there. 

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  1. So glad that you had a great visit with friends and family! Even more thankful that you were safe!!!!