Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Did you all know that I have a 14 year old boy?  A teenager? Hmmm . . . well, let me tell you one of the joys of having a teenager . . . other than the really smelly room and body odor . . . Yesterday I got both a text and an email saying that we were very close to our allowed "anytime minutes" for our cell phones.  I thought that was strange, but figured that we must be nearing the end of the billing cycle for us and I know that Damian has been talking to his girlfriend a lot on his phone.  We have gotten along just fine with 700 min for the 3 of us since before we got D a phone 3 years ago, in fact, I don't think that we normally even use 200 of those 700 min.  I've asked to have a lower min allowance, but 700 is as low as you can go and still get unlimited texts, and let's face it, I (me, not Chris) needs unlimited texts.

Well, i went to the Verizon webpage and discovered that it is not the end of the billing cycle, but it actually the BEGINNING of the cycle.  Our billing cycle began on May 6th, that was a week ago.  He used 556 min in one week.  That's 9.26 hours . . . in one week. . . talking to his girlfriend. . .  at age 14.  Chris and I also use our phones, not much, and a lot of people we know have Verizon, which is free for us to call, but we use them some.  So out of 700 min for the month, we have 51 min for the rest of the month, for 3 of us.  This means that for the rest of the month (and remember, we're only in the second week of the billing month) we have less than 1 hour between the 3 of us.  I was not happy.

Oh, and while I was looking at D's min. I decided to also look at his texts.  (I can't see the content on the Verizon page, but I can see when the texts were made/received and to/from who . . . and I do check his phone regularly and read his conversations with his gf.)  Anyway, I discovered that he is texting her at night after he goes to bed, as late as midnight on school nights.  *SIGH* 

So we had a little talk with D last night, and he is not allowed to use his phone as a phone at all for the rest of the month, he can use the home phone, and he has a time limit on how long his calls can be.  He also will be leaving his cell phone in the living room when he goes to bed.  You know what he said to that?  He said "what about my alarm?"  He has 2 alarm clocks in his room, and his iPod.  I reminded him of that and sent him to bed. =)

For two weeks I was doing both running and Insanity every day. I rested on my running 2 days a week and took a rest day from both running and Insanity once a week. On Saturday when both Chris and Damian were sick, and my Mom was here, I quit doing Insanity. I was still running, but decided to take a break from Insanity. I would have started back up yesterday, but I was thinking how would I restart in the middle of the week. My complete rest day HAS to be on Wednesdays because of D's baseball games, so I decided to just stop for the week and restart this Thursday. Even though I'm still running, I feel like I'm not doing anything. I have that feeling that I get when I don't run . . . that I just NEED to go for a run. However, I just ran 5 miles yesterday, so I know that I shouldn't have that feeling.

It's amazing how quickly exercise can get under your skin and make you feel like you have to do it. I'm kinda looking forward to starting week 3 of Insanity over tomorrow. . . how strange, because I really do kinda hate it. =)

On to a topic that I tend to avoid as much as possible unless it's good news . . . my weight.  The thing is, I feel skinny.  I feel like I am small and at goal sometimes.  Then sometimes I look in the mirror and see a roll or two and think I'm really overweight.   I realize, that my current weight is some people's goal weight.  Everyone is different.  =)

I started running with no set goal in mind for my weight.  I wanted to see if I would lose anything, but if I didn't, I was going to continue running because I love it.  Sometimes I get really caught up in the number on the scale.  I don't let my day to day fluctuations faze me too much, but I can let my weekly "official" weight get me down, especially when I don't see the number drop as often as I'd like.  But the thing is, I know what I should do to lose faster and more consistently, and that isn't exercise more.  I don't eat as well as I could in order to lose weight faster or consisitently. 

I track my food faithfully everyday, and have for 187 days on myfitnesspal (cathyjanew if you want to add me).  But I am almost always right at my calorie limit and regularly over my limit, even when I exercise more.  I'm horrible at staying under my limit on my rest days (especially Wednesdays when we are watching baseball and often stop and get fast food for dinner, though I try to keep it more healthy than I used to).

Yesterday I was thinking about how I felt.  I feel good about myself.  I feel good about what I am doing with my body, and I feel like I am healthier than I have been in a long, long time.  I would LOVE to lose some more weight, however, if I don't, I will be happy with what I look like.  =)

Maddox playing with my phone.


  1. Teenagers and cell phones can be a bad mix. My niece's daughter, probably 14 at the time, did 15,000 texts IN ONE WEEK. I don't even know how that is possible!

  2. Good luck with the cell phones. :-)

    Having exercise under your skin is a good thing. Keep it there!!! LOL