Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Friday!

Once again I am really far behind in my reading of my blogs.  This happens every time I go somewhere.  However, I was only gone for the weekend so I'm not sure why I'm almost 2 weeks behind. 

Anyway, my Mom came into town on Wednesday to watch Damian play baseball.  Damian has been playing baseball since he was 6 years old.  Even back then he liked to play "catcher."  Of course, when they are that little, catcher is more "kid behind home plate climbing on the fence."  =)  Well, he's been the kid behind home plate since 6 years old.  Last year he didn't get to play it much because they had another catcher on the team and even though that one couldn't catch the ball as well as D, he was able to throw to second base with no problems.  This year, D has really, really gotten stronger and he throws right to second base with no problem.  So now he's got it all, great catching skills (I mean he catches things 5 feet above his head it seems) and he can throw with accuracy.  I can't believe how much he's improved this year.  I have a hard time realizing he's my kid.  =) 
Chris taught Maddox to blow dandelion seeds (not my favorite thing, dandelions are weeds!).  Anyway, after Chris taught him that, Maddox wanted everyone to find him dandelions to blow.  =)  My mom obliged for awhile and found him some. 

Yesterday I ran 5 miles in the morning before work (I'm getting scared that this is becoming a regular thing) =) and then after work I did the Insanity fit test for the second time.  I improved a lot in the two weeks I've been doing it.  I wish I had thought to bring it with me to share, but I didn't, so you'll have to take my word on it.  =)

I like doing Insanity, I think it was time to change up my running routine.  I mean I love running (a lot) but I think my body needs something else as well.  Insanity really focuses on the warm up and stretching before a workout and since I've been doing it I have noticed far, far less pain in my hip.  I think I need to do more stretching when I'm only running. 

Even though I've been very faithful to both running and Insanity (less running this week however) I have not lost much weight.  Last week I lost half a pound, but this week I didn't lose anything.  Although, on Wednesday the scale said I had lost another half pound, but this morning on my official weigh in day, it was back up.  =/ 

This morning I was going to run again before work, mostly because my Mom is here and I'm already doing Insanity in the afternoons.  However, Maddox decided to wake up at 5am so I was unable to leave at 5:30.  Chris was there, but he has to go to work and it's just easier when Maddox stays asleep while I run.  Maybe it's an excuse, but I felt like it was the best.  I don't know if I'm going to be able to run or not today.  It's supposed to be very warm, which was another reason I wanted to run this morning.

The other day I mentioned that I wanted to do a run this weekend for a nonprofit agency in the area but it's a fundraising run and I don't like asking for money.  Well, I sent an email to my family and even though my Mom said she wouldn't be able to help out, she did, along with my dad and my sister.  So I have the $100 dollar minimum for the fundraising.  =)  I'm happy, but that means I have to actually do it.  =)  I was looking at my past race results and my PR for a 5K was the Runs for Cookies virtual 5k at 25:51.  I did that on the treadmill, so now I'm wondering if I can PR for this race.  That would mean that I have to run a 8 min/mile, and I don't know if I can do that.  I guess I'll push myself as hard as I can, keeping in mind it's only 3 miles, and see if I can PR.  =)

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