Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An unexpected camping trip and FMM

Well, I didn't get a long run in this weekend.  =/  Chris found out Friday afternoon that he had yesterday off for the holiday (which is very unusual). He decided he wanted to see if we could find an available camping site for at least Sunday night. We went to a small state park that is very close to Mt. Vernon (within 10-15 min) but they were full.  The park ranger called a couple other campsites and found out that a park about 45 min away had a couple openings. We drove there to reserve the site (you have to do it in person the day of) and put up our tent and then had to come back home and pack and get some groceries. We didn't get back to the campsite until after 10pm, I was super glad we had put up the tent already. I don't think Maddox went to bed until after 11, and then Chris and I went to bed after 12. And of course, Maddox woke up around 6am. :-/ It's nice that he's on a schedule, but it would be nice if when he went to bed late he woke up late.
Anyway, Sunday started out really rainy and really yucky. I was ready to go home by 9am. Camping in the rain and mud with a 2 year old, is not fun. However, Maddox had fun.  =) Maddox and I ended up going in our tent and hanging out for awhile and the rain stopped. We went for a hike and just hung out and had a good time.

Yesterday the rain started again before we left, so we hurriedly packed up and came home, however, everything was soaked. And since we packed so hurriedly going there, we only had one small hand towel and forgot a broom. Our tent is really messy. We put it up as soon as we got home even though it's still rainy, it's better being up and getting rained on then folded up and getting moldy.
We didn't bring many snack foods, but we did have some chips and sadly I ate quite a bit of those. On the way home yesterday we went to another state park and looked at it for future camping trips. That place was amazing, the campsites were fairly big and spread apart. There were tons and tons of hiking trails and a really nice picnic area. I definitely want to go there next time we go camping.
We stopped at this small place for lunch on the way home that Chris has been telling me about for years. (He works in that area a lot.) It's called the Shrimp Shack and Chris has heard it's really good. He doesn't like any type of seafood, but I love it, so he was willing to try it out for me. Besides, they had regular burgers too. I got a crab burger and it was good. We got Maddox a popcorn shrimp basket, which he didn't eat, but I thought it was the best popcorn shrimp I've ever had. I ate way too much, all of my crab burger and my onion rings, and several of Maddox's shrimp. I definitely want to go back.
Damian came back last night and said he had a good time. He went fishing and said he caught 3 trout, however, his friend forgot them and they went bad so he didn't even get to eat them. :-/ He went to some waterpark over there, and canoeing, and I don't know what all he did. I'm really glad he got to go, although I did miss him on our camping trip.
I ended up not doing much exercising while camping. One thing about Chris not being as good of shape as I am is that he gets tired quickly, so when we go for a hike, it's usually slow (for me) and I don't get much of a workout.  I do end up carrying Maddox a lot of the time, which is good. 
Anyway, since I didn't go for a long run this weekend I'm getting really worried about doing the half marathon in June.  I'm thinking I'm gonna have to run 10 (at least) miles this weekend and then 12 next.   
Here is this week's Friend Makin' Monday edition. =)

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Summer Fun
1. What is your favorite summer fruit? I think I would say watermelon, however, I don't get it very often, I don't know why.

2. Do you know how to swim? I love to swim.  I grew up with a pool in our backyard.  I wish there were more pools in this area.  I'm still not familiar with the area enough to know of good swimming areas in the lakes and rivers here.

3. Do you prefer sun or snow? I like both, but I LOVE the sun.  I am always ready for it to be sunny by the time it finally gets here.  However, I also LOVE the snow and am always ready for that too.  =)

4. What temperature do you like most inside your home? A little cool.  I like blankets, so I like to put a blanket on my lap while I'm watching tv or reading.

5. Is it humid where you live?  Yes, and I am not a fan of it. 

6. What is your favorite food to put on the grill?  I don't like grilling, but if Chris will do it, anything.  =)

7. Do you prefer to wear a one-piece or two-piece swim suit? I have a 2 piece.  My sister talked me into getting my first one last year.  I am still a bit self-conscious in it, but my tummy keeps getting smaller, even if my weight doesn't.  =)

8. What is your favorite summer drink?  Same as every other season, water.  =)

9. Do you prefer the pool or the ocean? to swim in? the pool, the ocean is WAY too cold here.

10. What are you looking forward to most over the summer? I’m looking forward to going camping for 7 days with my parents and some friends in August.  We are going to San Juan Island and it is super beautiful there.  August is also pretty warm here, so we should (cross my fingers) have nice weather.  =)

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions. Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments! 

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  1. We were up at my in-laws in Poulsbo this weekend and the weather was pretty wet and muddy there as well. Sigh...such is life in the Pacific Northwest!