Thursday, May 30, 2013

A little this, a little that

Yesterday I got sucked into another blog.  Several of my favorite blogs are on the top 100 weightloss bloggers list so I went there to check out some of the blogs there.  I found this one and I honestly couldn't stop reading. This guy (he is completely anonymous, not giving out his name or anything but he calls his cartoon character J.D. Pounds) is so inspiring.  A year ago when he started blogging, he estimated his weight at 700 lbs.  He doesn't actually know how much he weighs because he doesn't have a scale that can accommodate his weight to tell him.  I started reading his story from the beginning, his exercise was to just walk up and down his hall as many times as he can.  I think the first time he tried, he was able to do it 20 times.  I think that it is extremely amazing that this guy made the decision to make his life better and is taking the (slow, painful) steps to get there.  I am only on day 74 of his journey, but I can't wait to catch up and follow his journey. 

Anyway, that is what I did yesterday instead of almost everything.  And because of spending so much time reading one blog, I am neglecting all my other ones.  I'll catch up eventually, I seem to always be behind in reading them which is why I am so horrible about commenting.  It feels weird to comment on someone's blog a week after they posted something.

Have I mentioned that I haven't told anyone in real life that I blog?  Well, I haven't.  Chris and Damian know, but they have never looked at it, probably couldn't find it if they wanted to (unless they used my computer and went to my browser history).  Actually, I should say one person I know in real life knows about my blog, Misty (I hope that link works, it links to her Facebook page but I can't test it because I'm not allowed to get on FB at work, so I had to copy it from my phone to here), my oldest friend, found me through a post I put on Facebook.   =)  Anyway, yesterday while I was home for lunch Chris said something outloud about my "running blog" to Heather.  I wasn't very happy, but oh well.  I'm sure people will find it eventually, since Damian and Chris sometimes talk about it, even though they don't read it. 

Today I'm going to go run outside, rain or not.  I haven't run outside in two weeks.  I don't know why.  I think it has a lot to do with not having an audiobook to listen to and then starting to watch movies on my Kindle, but I can't watch my Kindle while I run outside.  =)  Anyway, I'm not in the middle of any movies right now and I just got a new audiobook. 

This week I need to go to the running store and get some new gels so I can do a long run.  I also may pick up a small handheld waterbottle.  I haven't decided on that yet.  I hate running with something in my hands but I usually need to stop between miles 6-8 to get a small sip of water.  Thankfully my long run goes through a park with a restroom and drinking fountain.  I guess if I do a half-marathon, it would have water stations. . .  Maybe I'll hold off on the waterbottle for now.  =)

So my sick week weigh-in last week was in the 150's range.  Then I went camping and made poor food choices, so as of today I'm back up to the 153 range.  Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day, but I'm not expecting any miracles.  I'm expecting to see 153.  =/  It's my own damn fault. 

This month I will not hit 100 miles.  March I hit 100 miles for the first time, and then last month I ran 116 miles.  This month, I'm only at 80 as of right now, and 7.46 of those were walking miles from Bloomsday.  However, I think my body needed a little rest.  Next month I'm logging those miles.  =)  I've also been slacking off on the Insanity for the last week and a half.  I was sick, so I wasn't doing anything, but instead of starting it back up when I got better, I just quit.  I am going to start week 3 (for the 3rd time) today. 

I was debating whether or not to continue doing it, because I was mainly doing it to keep Chris motivated.  I was completely right, as soon as I quit, he quit.  And I wasn't going to start doing it again just to keep him motivated.  He has to be motivated on his own, not through me.  However, I kinda miss it and I would really like to see what results I would get if I continue it.  So today is W3 D1 (Week3 Day1) again.  =)

I have no fun or interesting pictures of my life today, so I'll just leave you with this running quote.  =)


  1. Having people you actually KNOW find out and read your blog was.....well nerve wracking at first. My brother and sister in law just found mine, and yes they are reading. But you know's me and if people don't like it.....they can go take a hike!

    I found that blog a month or two ago and couldn't stop until I read through and got caught up! :-)

    Gels? Inserts for shoes???? Help me out here...what am I missing!!!!!

    1. Sorry, gels, like running fuel, GU or something like that. =) I don't think I used the right word, but gel was/is the only thing I could think of.