Friday, May 24, 2013

Where did time go?

I just noticed that the post I wrote last Friday didn't actually get posted, in fact, it didn't even get finished. I can't believe I haven't actually posted anything since last Wednesday.  =(  This is the very small post that I wrote last Friday (that I thought I finished and actually posted).

I have recently been thinking about why I blog, and honestly, I don't really know. I guess it's because I like writing. Which is probably no surprise for other bloggers. I wrote a lot when I was younger, little fiction stories, and my Mom always thought I'd grow up to be a reporter or some sort of writer. I quit writing in high school, I don't know why, and never really started again. I'd try to keep diaries, but could never get in the habit. So I guess this is the most successful diary I've ever had. =)

I talk about running, and I talk about my family, I talk (very little) about losing weight, but I don't think there is a specific topic for it. Maybe my running is the most talked about, but I almost always have something about my family in there too. Anyway, what my blog is not is one about losing weight. I don't talk about it much and I often forget to update my Scale Obsession page. Today I was thinking of deleting that page, but I decided I'm not going to. It's the only place that my weight has been recorded throughout this journey of being a healthier and happier me. I don't want to lose that. I probably should copy it somewhere else, so that I DON'T lose it. =)

With that said, my weigh in today was good. 152.6, that is 1.2 lbs lost since starting Insanity. (I know, I know, I didn't do Insanity for a week, but maybe my body needed it.)

Then on Wednesday of this week I started another post.  However, this time I do have an excuse as to why it didn't actually get finished or posted.  I've been sick since Sunday and my brain has been super foggy.  I worked on Monday because I had very important meetings all day and then stayed home Tuesday.  I felt so good Tuesday that I was able to go for a run on my treadmill.  But Wednesday I felt horrible when I woke up but went to work anyway.  I felt guilty for not working Tuesday so I went in.  However, I was foggy and didn't do much.   I started the below, but obviously didn't finish it.

I can't believe it's already the 22nd of May.  Time flies so much faster the older I get. 

This last weekend was very uneventful.  I started not feeling very good on Sunday, which was annoying because Chris and Damian were planning on doing Mother's Day for me.  They were both sick and in their beds on actual Mother's Day.  They did make me breakfast and Chris and I went to see a movie, but my throat was hurting pretty bad all day and I had fogginess in my head.  I ended up skipping my planned 10 mile run and Insanity on Sunday.
Then Monday I felt terrible.  Unfortunately, I have very important meetings I had to be at work for, so I did go to work, however, the day was pretty foggy and when I got home I laid down immediately and didn't move, so no workout.  Yesterday (Tuesday) I ended up calling in sick to work and laid in bed the entire day.  I spent most of the day trying to catch up on reading my blogs (which I didn't do) and watching TV.  I felt better in the late afternoon so I got up and ran on my treadmill.  It was kind of a rough run, but I felt good afterwards. 

I am out of audio books to listen to while I run right now, so I got my Kindle and attached it to my treadmill and watched the Hunger Games on Netflix.  =)  The setup wasn't pretty, but it worked. 
Yesterday I ended up going to the dr.  I got a strep test done on my throat and the preliminary test came back negative.  I took Maddox to the dr in the afternoon, and I liked his dr so much better than the one I saw.  Maddox's dr asked me about my appt and even looked in my throat and answered a lot of questions I had.  He told me that the initial strep test that they do is about 85% accurate and if Maddox's comes out positive than my dr probably didn't swap my throat good enough.  Maddox's preliminary test also came back negative, and we are waiting for tomorrow to see what the lab test says.  I'm feeling a million times better day, so I'm thinking that I probably don't have strep throat. 
Last night I was headed to go get Damian from gymnastics.  Damian's gymnastics is in Burlington This is the next town over.  Burlington and Mount Vernon are separated by the Skagit River, if the river wasn't there you probably wouldn't even know you entered a different town because they are so close.  Anyway, as I was driving to the bridge to get to Burlington I noticed there were tons and tons of people.  People were parked on the road (seriously they had tried to park on the side, but there was no shoulder, so they were on the road) and there were people walking towards the river and even a family walking on the train tracks going over the river, there were bikers and just people everywhere.  I couldn't figure out what happened. 
Then I got a text from D saying the bridge on the freeway over the river collapsed.  I couldn't figure out what he meant (he misspelled several words and even after I deciphered it, I still thought I wasn't reading it right) and then a coworker text me asking if my family was okay and to call her immediately.  I text her and told her I was fine and asked her what happened.  Then I called Chris.  (I should clarify that I was stopped because of traffic and wasn't texting and driving.  Well, I guess I technically was because I was trying to drive, but I was stopped.)  Chris told me that I-5 (the only freeway in the area, and the main corridor from Canada into the US) had collapsed over the Skagit river. 

I couldn't believe all the people.  They were lining the river on both sides.  It was crazy, like it was a bbq or party or something.  I had to drive through the area to get D, but I was pretty disgusted by all the people driving, walking, biking to go see.  Anyway, thankfully only 2 cars were on the bridge when it fell, and thankfully the 3 people in the 2 cars are all alive and with fairly minor injuries.  One lady is still in the hospital, but it sounds like she's expected to be released today.  You can read about it here.  (That link is also where I got all the pictures of it above.) 

Chris just came home for a quick break and said that he has Monday off (very unusual) so we were talking about what we could do.  We are thinking of trying to go camping, however, I'm thinking that all of the campsites will be filled tonight through the weekend.  We have some friends that are already camping, so we are going to call them and see if they have space on their site for us.  We wouldn't be able to leave until tomorrow evening because Chris works tomorrow.

I will try to be better this next week at posting.  I won't be sick (hopefully) and life should go back to normal.  =)

Oh, I might as well mention . . . being sick and not being able to swallow caused the scale to go down to 150.2 today.  That is a loss of almost 2.5 lbs.  I don't really believe that it's a permanent loss, but I guess that means I need to work to make it a permanent loss. =)

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  1. I sure hope that you (and Maddox) are feeling better! glad that you are ok and weren't on the bridge (and that noone was hurt!)