Monday, June 3, 2013

11 mile run

After my encounter with my neighbor's wife on Thursday, I was feeling very hesitant to run on Friday afternoon.  I decided to text her and see if things were okay.  I ended up going over to their house and talking to her.  I realize that I didn't do anything wrong and I really felt like it was her place to actually talk to me, but I couldn't stand being worried every time I went for a run.  Anyway, we chatted and she apologized.  She explained that her husband had cheated on her before and when she saw me getting in his car, she just flipped out.  She said she has a lot of trust issues, and she didn't think him and I were that close that I would just get in his car.  I told her that I'm not that close to him, but I wasn't thinking and he does come over to our house regularly to visit with Chris. She said she didn't know he came over at all.  It's very sad to me to think about being in a relationship and having no trust, to always think that your spouse is cheating, a relationship where you can't even be friends with your neighbor because that would mean you're cheating . . . that is sad.

Anyway, it's always nice to come back here and be able to post that I followed through with whatever plan I had made.  =)  I struggled to run every day (except yesterday) because of time restrictions.  Friday I worked and then Damian had a baseball game.  I had a very short window of time to get a run in, but I was able to complete 4.45 miles.  Then Saturday I was planning on getting up and running in the morning because I was going to go visit my sister for the day and D had another baseball game in the evening.  However, I was just too lazy to get out of bed in time to go run.  On my way home I was thinking about how I could go running.  I had barely enough time to get home and get D to his baseball game warm-up.  I decided that I would ask Chris to take D to his game and watch Maddox and I would go do a short run and end it at the baseball field.  That actually worked out very well.  I ran just just over 4 and half miles and then changed in the car (that was some maneuvering, we have a very small car without tinted windows). 

Sunday morning I had no motivation to go running.  I was thinking about going earlier in the day, but I just wanted to laze around and do nothing.  However, the longer I was lazy the more my motivation went up, so I decided to just go.  I'm glad I did that run on Saturday because it gave me a new idea for a different long run route.  Which I did yesterday.  =) 

This route started on the same route as all my other long runs, but on Saturday I discovered that the road that I live on that they have been expanding opened, so I decided to run on it.  I basically ran almost the entire length of the town I live in.  The middle of my "new" route was along the Skagit river, which is the part of my "old" route that I love, but then I went down a couple really busy roads to a new trail (well, it's only new to me, I'm sure it's been there a while) and then ended along the same trail that I always end on.  I think having new areas along with a few of my favorite old areas to run in really helped.  I definitely felt tired and was ready to be done at mile 11, but it was not nearly as bad as my last 11 miles.  I was even thinking about whether or not I thought I could run another 2 miles, and I think my answer to that would be yes, I could.  I didn't want to yesterday, but next weekend I may. 

I'm not crazy about running on busy roads, and these roads were part of the detour that is happening right now because of the freeway being closed.  (When the bridge went down a week and a half ago, they said that 71,000 vehicles go over that bridge daily, and it's a major artery between the US and Canada for this area, well, really, the only artery for western WA).  Well, all those vehicles are now being diverted through my little town and of course, I decided to run on part of the detour.  However, it wasn't too bad, it was Sunday afternoon, so it wasn't as bad as I've seen it . . . like Friday at 5pm.  Also, it was towards the end of my run, right around mile 8/9, so I wasn't paying much attention to the traffic at that point.  =) 

The new-for-me trail was really hard, I thought.  It wasn't a paved trail, which I didn't know when I was planning my run, it was, well, I don't know what it was.  It was soft and squishy, almost like very fine bark.  It felt really good on my feet as they were starting to hurt, but I think the softness of it made it harder to run on.  Plus, the first part of it was a gradual, but long, uphill.  I ended up walking up part of that.  I was happy to be done with that trail, but I did like it, so I think I'll run on it more often, especially now that I know it's there and it's not too far from my house. 

Anyway, I got to the end of my 11 miles and I was exhausted.  I was right by a middle school and there was some grass, so I just flopped on the grass and laid there for a min. to rest.
After my run I just wanted to lay on my couch all day.  Sadly I had things I needed to do.  After dinner we were watching TV and my legs werre so sore.  I decided to take a bath.  I'd have to say that bath (and wine) was the best decision I'd made all day.  =)

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