Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Big girl panties

I love the support I receive here and on Facebook. I posted yesterday about how disappointed I was in not only not being able to run the half marathon but also the lack of support I feel from my family regarding my running.  I got feedback both here and on Facebook that was extremely supportive and very encouraging.

However, I have a story to tell about last night.

Last night I was not in a good mood.  Not only because of the half marathon, but also because I was unable to run, for the 3rd day in a row.  My husband's job has picked up and he is getting home late (8pm) lately.  I had a hair appt immediately after work, and Damian had gymnastics (I had a friend take him to gymnastics and also watch Maddox for me until I was done with my hair appt).  I had no babysitter after my hair appt so I couldn't run.  Then I had to go get Damian from gymnastics around 8pm and get home and put Maddox to bed.  By that time it would have been just too late for me to go run.  I realize lots of people run that late, but I just want to relax by that time. 

Anyway, I decided to break out the dusty Insanity videos and do one of those while D was at gymnastics so I had some sort of exercise.  Insanity is a good workout, but I just don't get the same feeling after doing it that I get after I run, so I was still in a slightly grumpy mood afterwards. 

We were sitting in the living room and both Damian and Chris asked why I was in a bad mood.  I don't like being asked why I'm in a bad mood.  Often I don't really know why, and it just bothers me to be asked.  We started a show on the TV and then I decided to tell them about the half marathon.  I told them that I was bummed because Damian would be in the parade at the time I would need him to be watching Maddox, and there was no one else to ask.  And I mentioned that my Mom was "not interested."  Then a couple things were said that surprised me.

Damian said that he doesn't have to be in the parade, he is okay with that and would watch Maddox for me.  And Chris said that he would like to watch me race one day (he definitely can't Saturday because of work).  When I said I thought he wasn't interested in watching me (he's told me that before) he said "Well, it's important to you." 

Just typing that brings tears to my eyes. 

Anyway, I decided that I am a good Mom and the parade is important to Damian so I would let him do that and we continued with our TV show.

This morning I was thinking about it and decided to call Chris because we didn't talk about the half and D's willingness to babysit last night and I needed to register today if I'm going to do it.  And Chris said a couple more things that made me cry.

Chris said that I should do it.  He said that we do a ton of stuff for Damian and his sports, we just spent 6 hours on baseball stuff for him on Sunday alone, and we don't do anything for me.  He said that "it is not selfish" if I run the half marathon on Saturday and that "it is okay" to take time for me. 

Again with the tears.

So I did it.  I registered.

I admit, it was really hard for me to push the send button on the payment page.  All my fears from Monday came back.  What if I can't run 13.1 miles?  After all, I haven't run that far, ever.  I had to go talk to a coworker about it, and she told me to "GO PUSH THAT BUTTON."  =)  So I did.  I paid for it, I am registered.  I am going to run a half marathon. 
I can't wait to get this magnet for my car . . .
I think I may have to go order it now . . .  =)
I'm super scared now.


  1. Woo hoo! Good luck on that half-marathon! And yay for the support!

  2. I've been 'away' from my computer and just saw your post about running it on FB and I literally let out a squeal of excitement for you!!!!