Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

Someone posted on Facebook yesterday that today is National Running Day.  I am glad that person did, because I didn't know that.  =)  (However, I'm sure I would have found out today, with all the running pages I follow.)  Anyway, I'm glad I found out yesterday because I skipped my run and went this morning.  There were more factors than just switching my rest day so I could run today though.  It was around 80 degrees here yesterday afternoon, I do realize that is not nearly as warm as most of the rest of the country, but 80 degrees in western WA is quite warm.  I did grow up in eastern WA where temperatures reached near 100 degrees, however, I am acclimatized to here as I have now lived here 12 1/2 years (sadly).  Not only the temperature deterred me yesterday, but also Chris working late.  I was home alone with Maddox until 7pm (Damian was at gymnastics) and 7pm is usually cooling down temp-wise outside, I was really ready to just relax for the evening.  So all that equaled out to me skipping my run yesterday, which meant I had to wake up early today to run. 

I was up by 5:15am this morning, and decided that I wanted to eat something small.  I have noticed that when I run in the morning, I run slower than I do in the evening.  I figured that was because I was running on an empty stomach.  Anyway, I ate a tablespoon of peanut butter and then made coffee (for afterwards) and got ready.  I eat peanut butter quite a bit as my post-workout food, but it did not sit well for me for my pre-workout food.  About 2 miles in I was feeling very nauseous and didn't know if I could finish my run.  However, at 5:30 in the morning on a day Chris doesn't work, there is no one to come and get me, so I had to finish.  I was planning on doing 5 miles, but I cut off the last one and only ran 4.  Even after I got home and had showered, I was still feeling nauseous, so much so, that I didn't eat breakfast.  By the time I left for work I was feeling better, so I grabbed some oatmeal to make at work. 

This week is the end of the regular baseball season.  It also means it will be the end of Damian's Little League career.  He has been playing baseball since he was 6 years old, although, the first 4 years were in a bigger town and in a bigger, more competitive league than Little League is.  He is planning in playing on the All-Stars team this year.  Last year they were district champs and went on to state (? I think?) but didn't get very far, and D didn't play at that tournament because we had already planned a camping trip for that week.  This year he is hoping he will make it to state again so that he can play (our camping trip is later in the summer this year). 

He loves baseball and is going to continue playing, just with the high school team.  I am happy about that because the high school season is much shorter than the Little League season.  I am a little sad about it because he has been playing with mostly the same kids since we moved to Mt. Vernon 4 years ago, but I think a lot of those kids are also going into high school, so I'm hoping he will continue to play with them.  This year he has had an excellent team and a great coach.  We have been pretty unfortunate in our coaches and teams most years, he's never been on a winning team (other than All-Stars last year) and the coaches have never been very good.  This year they have only lost 2 of their games and I love their coach.  D said he wasn't very "fun" but I said he's had "fun" coaches in the past and had terrible years of playing. 

Don't get me wrong, I do not believe that sports is all about winning.  However, when you play 2 1/2 months and lose every single game, it gets very discouraging.  It is no fun to lose all the time, even if you have "fun" coaches.  And I'm not saying that winning every game makes it fun, in fact, one of the teams we play this year (the only team to beat us) gets yelled at all the time.  After one game that they lost to us (we play 5 different teams multiple times), the coach was screaming at the kids for (get this) not sitting on the bench while their teammates batted.  They had a winning record, but still got yelled at all the time by their coach.  If my son had been on that team, I would have had words with someone about the way the coach treated the players. 
He's never been a great pitcher,
but he did okay in the 2 games he
pitched in this year.
He's always been a great catcher, and has been doing it since
he started playing baseball.

That boy is FAST!

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